fallout 4 where can i donate items

by Cary Senger Jr. 10 min read

Are there any items in Fallout 4?

Nov 13, 2015 · Fallout 4 > General Discussions > Topic Details. s/t. Nov 14, 2015 @ 2:17am How do I donate items? apparently I can increase affinity with companions by donating, how do I do it? < > Showing 1-7 of 7 comments . s/t. Nov 14, 2015 @ 2:32am is it when you can give people stuff by trading in sanctuary? ...

Is there a workshop in Fallout 4?

Nov 13, 2015 · For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do you donate items?".

Where can I store weapons in Fallout 76?

Jan 21, 2016 · if by donate you mean give an item to an NPC like Preston or a companion or one of your settlers in one of your settlements just ask to trade then add the item from your inventory to theirs once you are done swapping items and before you close out the trade window highlight their new items & tell them to equip the items Xbox one its the Y button then close out window

Can you pick up the same item twice in Fallout 4?

Nov 14, 2015 · Giving water etc to a thirsty wastelander. ko8eBrya24 6 years ago #3. Try donating your pipe to piper. I found a drunk trying to stay sober sitting on the ground next to Arturo's shop in diamond city. You could give him nuka cola. Guessing that would count...only one I've seen..


Where are the beggars in Fallout 4?

Water beggars locationsMicky, outside Megaton.Carlos, outside Rivet City.Willy, outside Tenpenny Tower.

How do you give people stuff in Fallout 4?

Simply open the Fallout 4 cheats conole.Enter the code player.additem [item code] [amount]Replace the [item code] with the correct item code from the list in the guide and [amount] with the amount of the item you'd like to go into your inventory.Apr 4, 2016

How do you assign people to shops in Fallout 4?

To assign a worker you'll need to open up your building menu, and then locate the person you want to Assign. Once you locate them, choose the COMMAND option, then walk to the thing you want to assign them to and click the ASSIGN button.Nov 11, 2015

How do you give yourself caps Fallout 4?

player. additem 0000000f [insert number here] — Adds bottle caps to your inventory.Dec 3, 2015

What are the problems with Fallout 4?

One of the biggest problems with Fallout 4 is the limited weight of items your character can carry. There are various workarounds for this (try cooking meat from the cow-like creatures, Brahmin) but by far the best is a trick built into the Lone Wanderer perk.

What is the Cryolater in Vault 111?

On leaving Vault 111 at the start of the game you may have been taunted by the Cryolater, an insanely good gun held behind unbreakable glass with a master lock. To get inside, you will need to become an excellent lockpicker – meaning many hours of play stand between you and the weapon.

How many kinds of armor are there in Fallout 4?

There are three kinds of armor in Fallout 4, and they're not clearly defined. Some full suits are sort of self-contained full armor sets. You can't customize them or layer over/under them. Other armor (especially some kinds of clothing) act as an under-armor layer which can be combined with over-armor head, chest, arm, and leg pieces. Experiment in your Pip Boy to see which combinations work.

Is ammo hard to come by?

Perhaps more important than the Commonwealth 's bottlecap currency - ammo can be hard to come by, especially in the beginning. Remember the following tips to maximize your weapon efficiency

Can you break down junk at work benches?

You can break down Junk at Workbenches to build more Crafting materials, but you'll sometimes find yourself short of key components you need for your projects. That's where the Tag command at the bench comes in. By Tagging a material, you'll cause a magnifying glass icon to appear next to every piece of Junk you encounter that contains that desired element. It's a great way to complete Crafting and mod projects quickly.

Can you use HTML tags to rename your weapons?

Turns out you can use HTML tags when renaming your weapons! You can underline, bold, and italicize your weapon's name in Fallout 4. In order to do this you must go to a weapons workbench and put the tag in front of your weapon's name.