how do you donate to outpost in zday

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What happens if you give up an outpost?

Donations. Outpost Productions is a member-supported organization, also funded by grants (government & foundation), by donations, by corporate sponsorships, by advertising, as well as by ticket sales. IT’S A TEAM EFFORT! If you, as an individual or business, are interested in supporting the programs of the Outpost Performance Space, and/or associating your company’s image …

How do I give my outpost to someone else?

If you would like to make a donation by bank transfer . please contact us for details. Email: [email protected]. Tel: 01854 655 314 . Bank Transfers can be a one off payment or why not choose to give regularly, every donation will help us help out Armed Forces

How do you get a secure outpost in Minecraft?

Thank you in advance for your donation! We have recently changed the processor of our online donations to cut costs and improve efficiency. DONATE NOW Outpost is a ministry of the Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer (TCJHOP), which is incorporated under the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation Act. Donations are allocated to programs in […]

How do I remove outposts from the map?

To give, please send your check to: Outpost Ministry Solutions 4719 Pierson Drive Ooltewah, TN 37363 United States. or call (505) 926-1844 to donate by credit card.


What to do if you don't want to lose treasure?

If you don’t want to lose the treasure (resources), then you have to improve the strength of the base. You don’t need to invest a lot of time in the game. Here’s the quick tip:

How to train more troops in Minecraft?

To train more troops at a time, upgrade the barracks. Training the troops is your main job. Do it often multiple times a day to improve the strength. You have to keep patience as the game’s mechanics will force you to use speed-ups and gold for instant result.

1. Everything You Need To Know About The Research Lab

The Research Lab will eventually be one of your most important buildings in your base, and this is where one of the tips in our beginner’s guide will come in especially handy. It requires a lot of food and oil to perform research — we guess, that’s because scientists need to be well fed to study hard and advance technology.

2. Deposit Gold In Your Bank If You Can Afford It

Next to your Research Lab, you will find your Bank, which allows you to deposit your gold and leave it for a certain number of day so that it gains interest, thus giving you substantially more premium currency if you’re patient enough.

3. The Basics Of Maintaining Your Destroyer

Remember the introductory cutscene? That was where the game showed you how your Destroyer got, well, destroyed.

4. Visit The Event Center

Want more speed-ups, materials/material crates, EXP, and other goodies free of charge? It will all depend on your performance, but the Event Center has various events which you can take part in, such as a Headquarters Event, which will gauge how far you can upgrade your Headquarters before the event wraps up.

5. Make Sure You Contribute To Your Alliance

We cannot understate the social element of Z Day.

6. Spend Those Skill Points

By clicking on your avatar on the upper left of your screen, you can access your Commander Profile, which allows you to change your Commander Name and allocate Skill Points. The latter can be done by tapping on Skill Points, which will direct you to a skill tree menu with three separate categories — War, Economy, and Balance.

7. Upgrade Your Warehouse And Hospital

You can win resources by attacking bases of other human players, but likewise, they can do the same to you and you may not even know it — they could strike while you’re sleeping, working, studying, or doing any other task that could take you away from Z Day.

Why are outposts important?

Outposts are an important part of keeping your community's morale high and supplying your base with crucial resources for staying alive and fighting. If your community is depressed, they will start fighting and wasting resources.

What are the benefits of claiming outposts in State of Decay?

The Benefits Of Claiming Outposts In State Of Decay 2. Different outposts will give you different things. Some will offer the production of goods like Coffee for fatigue and a Water Supply. Water Supply facilities will send water to your entire base, raising the morale of your community. Outposts that produce things like water or fuel will take ...

What are the negative effects of plague hearts?

The negative effect of Plague Hearts has increased. Plague Hearts make any nearby outposts unfit to claim until the Plague Heart is destroyed. Plague Hearts will make entire neighborhoods infected and dangerous to explore instead of just one house.

What to do if you're low on Meds?

The smartest choice is to claim outposts for whatever your problem area is. If you're constantly low on Meds, find a free outpost that supplies some. If you don't have enough beds for your community, find an outpost that says it provides beds.

What does it mean to have a secure outpost?

A secure outpost means there are no zombies in the area. To claim one, you must first clear out any zombies in it and approaching it. The next step is to find the red lantern that allows you to purchase the outpost with Influence points.

How old is State of Decay 2?

Outposts can help you out with both of these problems and more. Updated July 4, 2021, by Sharnelle Earle: Though State of Decay 2 is around three years old, Undead Labs still works on keeping it up to date. In an update on the 21st, new features have been added. These features make outposts even more beneficial than before.

Can you claim outposts in State of Decay 2?

Claiming a home base in State of Decay 2 allows you to upgrade the amount of space and the number of facilities your old base had. But claiming outposts is different. Out posts are riddled all over the map and have different benefits to them. These are claimed alongside your home base and you can own multiple outposts at once.


Spend Gold in Increasing Vip Level

In Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes, gold is the premium in-game currency. You can use it in the exchange shop for precious items such as engine parts, medals, and many more items. Additionally, for the instant result, you can use gold. But we would recommend you to buy VIP Points for additional benefits. On the main screen of t…
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Collect The General’s Supply Near Cargo

  • Every now and then, the general sends supply to you(precious items). You will see it on the right side of the HQ, near the cargo ship. Make sure to claim it as it disappears over time. You could get free VIP Points.
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Claim The Free Supplies Every Now and Then

  • If you look around a bit on the base(after wall, at the right side, near resource factories, and a bridge), there is a supply station. There you can claim free gifts such as Speed-ups, gold, VIP, and more.
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Grab Victory Keys, Rubies, Resources from The Bar

  • Near the cargo ship, tap the bar facility(with dart symbol) -> daily reward. On the next screen, you can check the daily missions such as train troops, build traps, kill threats, and more. Completing these missions reward you activity points. On 30, 70, 120, 180, 260, 340, and 420 activity points, you can claim the crates. From these crates, you can obtain keys(to open victory crates), rubies(…
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Participate in The Ongoing Events

  • Some precious items in Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes are hard to obtain. Thanks to the events to make it easy for you to collect these rare items(coal, cotton pine, copper, supersoldier XP, chainsaw, hero recruitment item, and more). Tap the event center -> there you can check the events. Tap the arrow icon to expand an event’s details. Earn points by completing that event’s missions. As you …
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Join An “Active” Alliance

  • It would be even better if you join a friend’s alliance because communication is a key to build a successful alliance. Especially, In rally attacks, communication is important. Go to alliance facility -> manage -> invite -> search your friend with the commander’s name(of your friend). On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner, tap the profile icon -> there you can check the comma…
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Make Use of Skill Points

  • As you play the game or complete the missions or get victories, your commander’s level will increase. Every time (on leveling up), you get skill points. Use these points to activate buffs. Tap the profile icon -> skill points -> spend in war, economy, and balance type buffs. And at last, don’t forget to research in the research lab to activate buffs. So that’s all for now as Z Day: Hearts Of …
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