how do you donate troops in empire

by Dr. Shakira Fisher Jr. 8 min read

How do I get more troops?

Nov 09, 2013 · You could be able to donate troops to alliance members, the alliance member has to request and it appears on alliance chat members that want to donate can donate up to 10 troops each. Only 50 troops (vary on level of player) can be donated to a member per request then have to wait 2 hours to request again the troops then appear in the main castle of the person …

How do I heal my troops?

You get huge troop rewords, then can't produce food for the troops. So, what you do, is you go to your troop count window, and sell the excess troops that you don't really need for about 2/3s of the cost to recuit them. So, if you recuit to many troops, you can simply sell them.

What are the best troops to use in Goodgame Empire?

These troops can be healed if you have a hospital. Soldiers from the Barracks and some special/event soldiers can be healed with coins. The exception to this are most special/event troops, which have to be healed with rubies. As you level up, you can research troops and make them even more powerful by making them become veteran units.

How do I get 3000 Pax/troops to Atlanta?

Nov 18, 2021 · Deleted member 118943. Dec 23, 2019. #2. Go to <> down left of your Screen. Then Select << My Guild >>. Then Treasury and choose amount and good you want to …


Attacking With Your Troops

Attacking with your troops is an automatic process that happens each time you make a match on the battlefield . When a match is made, the shields/gems turn into troops which then do damage to the enemy dependant upon the hero's attack and element.

Summoning Troops

Troops can be gained as stage reward on the world map or summoned with the Daily Summon or Epic Troop Summon.

Leveling Troops

Troops can be leveled with food by sacrificing other troops of the same colour in the Barracks .

Troop Stats

Most troops are Attack or Defense troops. There is a 3* Hybrid variant, and 4* troops are divided into Crit or Mana due to their strong focus on that particular stat. The following infographic shows the in-game icons for each troop stat, followed by a listing of the percentage increased by each particular troop (infographics courtesy of N.O.X. ):

Mana Troop Level Breakpoints

Mana troops start with + 5 % Mana Generation at Lvl 1; this improves later, always in 2 % increments. The breakpoints have a significant, "quantum leap" effect on the Heroes of a particular Mana Speed. These are:

What are melee units?

Melee Units. Melee Units are typically equipped with spears, maces, axes, hammers, shields and swords. They have more attack power than their ranged equivalents. Generally, all melee units have better melee defense than ranged defense. Melee Attackers have more melee attack power than melee/ranged defense. They excel against Ranged Defenders.

What is a ranged unit?

Ranged Units are typically equipped with longbows, crossbows, and even throwing weapons. They have less attack power than their melee equivalents. Generally, all ranged units have better ranged defense than melee defense.