how to donate a house for fire department

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Why donate your home to the fire department instead of demolishing?

Having determined that the taxpayers derived a benefit of at least $10,000 (representing the savings from not needing to have the lake house demolished) and that the FMV of the lakefront house was zero, the Tax Court determined that the fire department derived no benefit from the donation of the lake house in excess of the goods and services ...

What are the tax implications of donating a house to fire department?

The Los Angeles Fire Department ( LAFD ) is a full-spectrum life safety agency protecting more than four million people who live, work and play in America’s second largest city. The men and women of your Los Angeles Fire Department are proud to serve you.

Why donate firefighter training equipment?

Local fire departments often deliberately burn existing structures as a training exercise. New firefighters can practice their skills and techniques, knowing in advance that the structure is uninhabited. Often individuals will donate an old property, possibly even a former residence, to the local fire department. Obviously, where possible, taxpayers would

How do I donate a house?

Donating your home or other structure to a local fire department rather than demolishing can potentially reduce your cost obligation quite a bit. The average cost to tear down a house is $4,000 - $14,000, and you could offset nearly all of that by …


How to burn a house?

The property owner is typically responsible for everything except the literal burn, including: 1 Disconnecting all utilities 2 Surveying for and removing any asbestos or hazardous materials (including tar and shingles) 3 Clearing out any shrubs or overgrown grass from around the perimeter of the house 4 Obtaining permits 5 Removing any unsafe items from the house for safety of the fire personnel (e.g. hoarding situations) 6 Cleaning up after the burn exercise is complete

How much does it cost to tear down a house?

The average cost to tear down a house is $4,000 - $14,000, and you could offset nearly all of that by donating it to your area’s firehouse instead.

How does the burning process work?

How the Burning Process Works. The house is generally burned, then put out, then burned again multiple times for demonstration purposes. When these training exercises are done, it’s the first time many rookies are entering a fire and getting hands-on experience.

The benefits of donating your house

Donating a house comes with a bunch of benefits not only to the charity of your choice, but to you, too. Here are the main ones to consider:

How to donate a house

Donating a house is a bit more complex than other types of donations, but it doesn’t need to be daunting. Here are the steps to ensure you have a smooth home donation process:

Ok, so how do I get my dream home?

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