how to donate item to club marapets

by Ricky Ryan 4 min read

How do I earn money on marapets?

Club Donations can be disabled in Club Settings and Club Leaders have the choice to stop any item or MP donations to the Club. What Clubs Need. The most important thing that any club needs are active, friendly members. In order to run club competitions, clubs need money.

How do you give magic to pets in marapets?

There is no limit to how much MP you can give - Lowlyhood even gives those players who donate the most MP their own star on the Walk of Fame. All MP players donate here is added to the prize pot for other players to win. You can empty any Piggy Bank for FREE to win a random amount of MP from the prize pool. If the prize pool is empty, a fundraising event will begin to raise MP.

What is a marapets Forum?

People donate clothes to the Pot Of Gold very often, if you're desperate for clothes and shoes, try to frequent it often. You're allowed to grab ONE item per every 60 seconds. Not bad at all, believe me; if you don't see items right away, come back later--you definitely will. Members of the adult forum donate tons of items just for the heck of it.

What are marapoints and how do I get them?

Donate any item to the Pot of Gold. Donate any item with the word "black" in its name. Donate any Addow item to the Pot of Gold. ----

How many score points do you get in Marapets?

Almost every Game on Marapets rewards you with MP and Score Points to spend at the Games Shop. Arcade Games reward you with 5 Score Points and a maximum amount of 2,000MP after sending score.

How often do you visit the Ice Caves in Marapets?

If you are in need of a highly reliable way to earn magic, assemble the most popular treasure map in Marapets, the Ice Caves Treasure Map! It will give you LIFETIME access to the Ice Caves, which can be visited every 16 hours (every 8 hours if you have a giftbox).

What is BP in Minecraft?

Named after King Baspinar, BP is the official currency of the virtual world of Baspinar's Castle and can be spent there.

What is AU credit?

AU Credit is a completely optional currency that you can obtain by purchasing it with your money, Goals & Temples, and Monthly Checklist. There are also games that basically require Tokens available for purchase at the Account Upgrades Shop .

How often do you have to visit the grandfather clock?

This old grandfather clock will likely reward your pet with stats. You must visit every 24 hours. It might take a few tries to get something out of this, but hey, it's free !

Is it safe to use Marapets?

As far as I know, the most personal you can actually get in Marapets is your general (non-sexual) real-life preferences. Name and age are OK too, but going beyond that is totally not safe for you. That's also private information that most people don't WANT to see in a pet site.

What is a dress up doll?

Your Doll. Your Dress Up Doll (some people call it character) is what's going to represent you in your profile and the forums. When you start, you're suggested to create a doll and create a pet. If you just created an account, you're most likely going to be automatically taken to create your doll.