how to donate loots

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How does loot gifting work on Twitch?

Steven Loots is the founder and CEO of Harvesters Ministries. He answers some questions below to explain how your support makes a powerful difference… "Harvesters is a church-planting organization applying biblical principles of evangelism and discipleship to fulfill a biblical mandate. The Word of God clearly laid out the

Can you gift loot boxes to friends in Wow?

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How to send loot boxes to friends in Fortnite?

Barbara Buxmann. $50. 2 mos. See all. Hanri Loots is organizing this fundraiser. I have a passion to help people and I have been with close friends who had to say goodbye to their angels way to soon. This is a heart breaking reality that so may go through and I am trying to raise funds to make up care-packages for parents who is going through a ...


What is the Community Gift Chest?

The Community Gift Chest is specific to each channel and must be enabled by a streamer before Prime members can begin contributing gifts.

How do I use the Community Gift Chest on my channel?

To start using the Community Gift Chest on your channel, head over to your Stream Manager within the Creator Dashboard. Under the Quick Actions section, you will need to add the Gift Chest Quick Action by clicking on the button with a + label.

How does claiming gifts work?

Viewers that have received a gift are notified through a Twitch notification and an email. Clicking on the Twitch notification or on the Redeem My Gift button in the email begins the claiming process.

Streamers prepare the show

Streamers just need to integrate Streamloots as a browser source and create thematic card collections to share with viewers.

Viewers discover a new way for supporting their favorite streamers

Viewers support streamers by purchasing their packs and getting their cards.

Alerts will be shown on every purchase or card redemption

Every card can represent an action from the streamer or just a voice for the viewers.

Why streamlooters love streamloots?

PayPal claims are over. Streamloots protects the entire experience and do the job in disputes

Over 120GB of Twitch website data has been leaked online (source code, encrypted passwords, streamer payouts, etc.)

A few hours ago, a 128GB data leak of Twitch was released online. This leak includes data such as "source code with comments for the website and various console/phone versions, references to an unreleased steam competitor, streamer payouts, encrypted passwords, etc."

Twitch doesn't pay a bug bounty and their entire source code was just leaked. There's no incentive to report the bugs we find

This might be more of an Engineering related discussion, but I think as far as traction goes, it is important to recognize this at a larger scale.

Can someone explain to me why people are angry because they found out their streamer makes money?

Can someone explain to me why people are angry because they found out their streamer makes money?

Why am I only finding out about the Twitch password leak through 3rd party sites, and not Twitch themselves?

Sort yourselves out Twitch. You should of sent an email out immediately when this happened, along with an account pop-up on the Twitch site. As is, I've still not heard anything, nor any apologies!