place where i can donate clothes

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Donate Your Clothes to a Local Charity Organization

  1. Local Places of Worship. Most churches or places of worship will accept clothing donations. ...
  2. Homeless Shelters. Homeless shelters not only provide safe havens for people without homes, but they also provide essentials like food and clothing.
  3. Schools. Most schools hold food and clothing drives, especially during the holiday season. Usually the schools will then donate the items to local charities and shelters.
  4. Community Outreach Centers. Community outreach centers include places like Planned Parenthood, the YMCA, nursing homes, volunteer fire departments and domestic violence abuse shelters.
  5. Thrift Stores. Thrift stores are a great option for donating your unwanted clothing. Some thrift stores (usually called consignment shops) are for-profit businesses.

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Where is the best place to donate clothing?

Interested in other local places for clothes donation? Homeless Shelters usually accept (and need) clothing donations. Thrift stores are another option (many thrift stores donate proceeds to charity). With freecycle you can give your clothes away free and have someone pick it up (but it’s not a charitable donation):

Where to donate clothes near you and actually do good?

Jul 31, 2018 · Bras are a clothing item we don’t always think to donate, but Free the Girls is one organization that can put them to good use. They collect new and gently used bras and distribute them to women ...

Why you should donate your clothes instead of tossing them?

Where to donate, recycle, resell your clothing?


Where can I donate clothes in Gauteng?

Where To Donate Your Unwanted ThingsJoburg Child Welfare. ... The Charity Stores. ... SPCA Randburg. ... The Johannesburg Children's Home. ... Nkosi's Haven. ... HospiceWits.

How can I donate clothes to Haiti?

CHARITIES DELIVERING CLOTHES TO HAITI:FASHION DELIVERS is asking businesses, individuals, and shops to send excess unused socks, underwear, sheets, lightweight clothing, shorts, blankets or throws, sneakers, t-shirts, and sandals. ... SOLES4SOULS is requesting cash donations to send shoes to Haitians.More items...•Mar 18, 2010

Is Unicef a good charity?

UNICEF USA has been vetted by GlobalGiving, and has achieved Superstar status for demonstrating the highest level of engagement and/or effectiveness over the past year. Our program expense ratio of 88.4 percent means we are a highly efficient charity, as defined by independent monitors.

Where can I donate clothes for Haiti in NYC?

The mayor's office directed New Yorkers to donate to the following relief organizations: Ayiti Community Trust, Capracare Haiti, Hope for Haiti and Partners in Health. Police Department precincts across the city are also taking supply donations.Aug 18, 2021

What is Souls4Souls?

Souls4Souls takes gently-used shoes and trains people in poverty to run their own business reselling the shoes. The goal is empower them with the skills and resources to provide for themselves and increase their living standards.

How much of clothes donated to thrift stores are resold?

Only 20% of clothes donated to thrift stores is actually resold. The rest is trashed or dumped in the Global South, where it pollutes their land and water, and disrupts their local textile economy. Ghana’s Kantamanto market is a prime example of this. Besides that, Goodwill can be exploitative.

What do domestic violence victims need to escape?

These centers usually accept clothing (often new only) and also need menstrual products, shampoo, deodorant, and other personal care items.

What do sober living houses need?

Many residents may not have a lot of belongings or resources, so clothing donations can make a big difference. Sober living houses also often need linens, food, and furniture.

What is Mutual Aid?

The Mutual Aid App allows you to search for nearby aid requests and respond to them right in the app. There are also Facebook groups that allow you to give and request aid.

Why do hospitals have closets?

Hospitals often have a free closet for patients who arrive with damaged clothing. In other situations, clothing may need to be cut off patients to assess injuries, or taken in as evidence for sexual assault cases.

What is the Buy Nothing Project?

The Buy Nothing Project has Facebook groups across the world. You join the group of your local area so you can give (and receive) right in your community. The group locations are super specific, and may cities are split up into multiple groups. You can only join the one where you live.

What is thredup thrift store?

ThredUP is an online thrift store where you can buy and sell secondhand clothes. About 78 million items have been upcycled on thredUP since 2012. While you can sell clothes online for cash, they also provide a donation kit where instead of giving you money, they will donate $5 to a charity of your choice.

What do schools do during the holiday season?

Most schools hold food and clothing drives, especially during the holiday season. Usually the schools will then donate the items to local charities and shelters. Donating to a school means you are helping to teach school children — many of whom are involved in organizing the clothing drives — about the importance of giving and charity. You can contact your local school district for donation dates, needs and instructions on how to participate.

What is room to grow?

Room to Grow, a charity offering clothing, coaching and community building to low-income families, is a wonderful place to donate gently-used baby clothes and gear.

What is Dress for Success?

Founded in 1997, Dress for Success is an international nonprofit that empowers low-income women by providing them with professional clothing as they seek and maintain employment. So far their team has donated clothes and accessories to over one million women — and counting.

Where can I donate clothes?

Donate Your Clothes to a Local Charity Organization. Sometimes you want to give back directly to your community and drop your items off in your local town or city. Here are five of the top places that usually accept clothing donations: 1. Local Places of Worship.

What is Project G.L.A.M?

Project G.L.A.M. is a New York City-based charity that provides underprivileged girls with everything they need for their proms, including clothing and accessories. Founded in 2007, Project G.L.A.M. has donated to over 7,000 young women across New York City.

What are community outreach centers?

Community outreach centers include places like Planned Parenthood, the YMCA, nursing homes, volunteer fire departments and domestic violence abuse shelters. The nice thing about donating to one of these places is that you know your donation will directly impact someone in your local community.

What does SOLES4SOULS do?

Donate sneakers. Soles4souls accepts donations of gently used sneakers, boots or flats. The shoes are: 1) used to help kids in the US and Canada who need shoes. 2) Shipped to disaster areas where there is an immediate need for footware.

What is a bride against cancer?

Brides Against Breast Cancer collects and resells wedding dresses to raise money for Breast Cancer. Brides Against Cancer accepts dresses that are mailed to them. They are interested in excellent condition dresses. They are a for profit company that gives 50% of profits to charity.

Does the Salvation Army pick up clothes?

The Salvation Army is part of the universal Christian Church. The Military Order of the Purple Heart will pick-up clothes . They operate in NJ, DE, PA, MD, CT, VA and NY. They’ve partnered with a thrift company that gives them money for donations collected. The Military Order of the Purple Heart uses funds to support veterans.

Can you get a deduction for donating clothes?

Tax benefit from donating clothes: You can get a tax deduction when you donate clothes. You will need to request a receipt from the organization. This IRS publication explains guidelines for donating and valuing your donations of clothing and household goods.

Does Zappos cover shipping?

You can also go to Zappos for Good and print a shipping label to send up to 50 pounds of shoes to Zappos. Zappos covers the shipping. One World Running provides running shoes to people in need in the US and around the world. Their drop off locations accept new and almost new shoes.

Does Give Back Box have a shipping label?

Pack up clothes, household items, games or other items you no longer need, and Give Back Box will provide a prepaid shipping label so you can have the items shipped to Goodwill at no charge. This can be done from any state in the US. (Goodwill is a nonprofit that provides job training and jobs.)

What organizations give away clothes?

Give Away Clothes to Disaster Relief Organizations. During times of crisis and natural disasters, the American Red Cross (and other local and national organizations) is often in need of clothing for those who were hit by the crisis.

When is the warm coat drive in Burlington?

Donate Clothes to Coat Drives. Every year Burlington Stores run a Warm Coats, Warm Hearts Coat Drive. Their current one runs until January 21, 2019. Donated coats stay locally within each store and are given to those most in need. Click here to find a store near you. Even those in the South have a need for warmth.

Can you donate clothes to hurricane victims?

It is a wonderful idea to donat e clothes to fire victims and to donate clothes to Hurricane Harvey (and other hurricane) survivors. Many communities work together to gather clothing donations during these times of crisis thanks to the American Red Cross or other similar organizations which accept clothing donations.

Can you send clothes to a disaster relief organization?

Managing clothing donations is often a huge and time-consuming task, so if you are sending clothing to a disaster relief, PLEASE only send quality, non-moldy, non-mildewy, non-smoke-smelling, clean clothes that are labeled and organized as much as possible beforehand. You will save volunteers so much time!

What is Hope Scarves?

Hope Scarves collects used scarves and passes them along to women in cancer treatment. One focus of the organization is sharing the stories of women who have undergone treatment, so this is an especially compelling donation if your loved one fought cancer, but scarves are accepted from anyone who wishes to donate.

What is Share Your Soles?

Share Your Soles accepts shoes of all kinds, to be passed along to people in need. Soles 4 Souls also distributes shoes to people in poverty, and if your donation is under a certain weight, you can get a free shipping label for sending them in. Athletic shoes that are too worn to donate can be recycled through Nike’s Reuse a Shoe program, ...

What is professional clothing?

Professional clothing can be used by an organization that helps homeless and underprivileged people prepare for job interviews and gainful employment. Women’s professional clothing, including shoes and accessories, can be donated to Dress for Success, while men’s professional clothing, shoes, and accessories can be donated to Career Gear.

What is Cinderella Project?

The Cinderella Project is a network of local dress donation programs – search for their name plus your city or region to see if they operate near you. Bras are a clothing item we don’t always think to donate, but Free the Girls is one organization that can put them to good use.

What happens to clothing after death?

After a death, especially when the person was single or widowed, there may be a house full of stuff that doesn’t have an obvious destination. Some of it will be saved and cherished by loved ones, especially family heirlooms and other items with special sentimental ...

Can I donate wedding dresses?

Wedding dresses can be a treasured, sentimental item, but sometimes there’s just not space or desire to keep them after a loved one’s death. You can donate a wedding dress to a beautiful cause, instead. Brides Across America accepts newer dresses as well as vintage ones, plus veils and accessories, to be donated to military ...