savers how to donate

by Carey Becker 9 min read

Does savers count as a charity?

We're a for-profit thrift retailer that proudly accepts your donations of clothing and household goods on behalf of local nonprofits. Shopping in our stores does not support any nonprofit.

What does savers do with their profits?

We pay our nonprofit partners for your stuff, helping them fund programs in your community. Your one-of-a-kind finds are given a second chance to be loved again by thrifters like you. Together, we champion reuse and keep millions of reusable items out of landfills every year.

Who is the CEO of Savers?

Mark Walsh (Oct 2019–)Savers / CEO

Can you return stuff to Savers?

Savers Return Policy Returns can be completed within seven days from the date of purchase. To receive the full dollar amount paid for the item, it must be exchanged on the same day purchased. An extension of seven days may be granted in the event an item cannot be found to exchange the original purchase with.