the division 2 how to not donate all at once

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Can I donate items in the Division 2?

Mar 22, 2019 · This guide will detail just how you can donate for these projects in The Division 2. How To Donate In The Division 2 Before even thinking about donating items, it’s a good idea to just go out and play a good bit of the game to obtain a number of different projects by unlocking new settlements and upgrading them.

How to complete donate objectives in Division 2 projects?

Mar 19, 2019 · Follow the following rules: When it comes to Projects, donate items of the worst quality, just so they are accepted. Disassemble the items of the highest quality to receive the best components. Remember that even those of the worst kind are also needed. If you are in need of cash, sell items, instead of disassembling them.

Why get all the Division 2 guides you need?

Mar 13, 2019 · To complete Donate objectives in Division 2 Projects, you have to donate the necessary supplies. These can range between a lot of different of stuff, depending on the project. We’re talking gloves, body armor, ceramics, polycarbonates, the works.

Will there be bounties in the Division 2?

Mar 22, 2019 · The Division 2’s UI is a big improvement over the original – if you ignore the arbitrary need for double-clicking on PC. The inventory menu uses the same design on all platforms, but you can ...


Should I deconstruct everything Division 2?

Don't deconstruct items when your materials inventory is full. As you've probably guessed, deconstructing is always better than selling excess loot. While you won't receive credits for doing so, it'll all go towards topping up your crafting material pools, ready for when you do need to craft something later.Mar 22, 2019

How do you donate to the base of operations in Division 2?

When you have something the Project needs, find the person standing behind the Projects desk (usually in the vicinity of the Vendor). Interact with them, and find the Project you want to donate to. Press Space (or your console equivalent) to view donations, then follow the button prompt to donate, and voila.Mar 13, 2019

Should I donate Division 2?

It's always a good idea to check in on the projects pretty often and donate anything you can, as you will run out of storage room for your various supplies. Rather than deconstructing all your gear, always check projects first if you can, so you're not having to go gather more and come back later.Mar 22, 2019

How do you donate components in Division 2?

0:433:26DIVISION 2 | HOW TO DONATE SHD REQUISTION EXOTICS TO OTHERSYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd then voila. Now again you can only donate these to the people in your party. When you've donatedMoreAnd then voila. Now again you can only donate these to the people in your party. When you've donated the supplies they have to be with you.

How do you donate masks in Division 2?

Donate Masks You can Purchase Masks from any shop or find them in containers. Some enemies will also drop them, or you can opt to craft them using Crafting Materials you have gathered.Mar 26, 2019

Where can I donate food in Division 2?

2:084:25The Division 2 how to resupply control points - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipResources whether it's components or water or food you can then fast travel arm back to your controlMoreResources whether it's components or water or food you can then fast travel arm back to your control points and as soon as you land there you should then be able to go back up to the officer.

What does donating to control points do?

2:136:01The Division 2: Control Point Takeover & Upkeep EXPLAINEDYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipLevel this pretty much directly turns those supplies you've been gathering into raw experience alsoMoreLevel this pretty much directly turns those supplies you've been gathering into raw experience also once these three meters rise above 50%.

Should I sell or dismantle in Division 2?

Disassemble the items of the highest quality to receive the best components. Remember that even those of the worst kind are also needed. If you are in need of cash, sell items, instead of disassembling them. Without credits, you won't be able to create anything.Mar 19, 2019

What's the point of Division 2?

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is a shooter RPG with campaign, co-op, and PvP modes that offers more variety in missions and challenges, new progression systems with unique twists and surprises, and fresh innovations that offer new ways to play.

Selling items

A basic way of getting rid of unneeded equipment is selling it. You can sell the items at merchants found in almost any friendly outpost, or at terminals in safe houses. Selling items yield credits which can be spent on new items, crafting, or recalibration.


You can also disassemble items to retrieve valuable crafting resources. Disassembly is the most efficient way of gaining these resources - in a short period of time, you can gain hundreds of materials that will be used to craft valuable equipment or weapons.

Donating items

The items can be donated to Projects to unlock additional, side missions deputed by friendly outposts. Following the fact that you can give items of any quality, it is recommended to donate less valuable items, and leave the more valuable ones for disassembly or selling.

Disassemble, sell, or donate?

Finally, we come back to the question from the preamble - what to do with items? This all depends on the current situation, as well as the state of your valet. Follow the following rules:

Switch your inventory view to grid

The Division 2’s UI is a big improvement over the original – if you ignore the arbitrary need for double-clicking on PC. The inventory menu uses the same design on all platforms, but you can make browsing the individual sections easier.

You can customise your HUD

While we’re on the subject of improving the usability of The Division 2 menus, you should play around with the game’s HUD customisation settings. The Division 2 lets you move the different HUD elements such as the XP bar, minimap, and the score tracker in multiplayer around – with some limitations.

Toggle on numerical skill cooldowns

Our final UI customisation tip is very simple. Your skill cooldowns are represented by a loading bar by default. While that’s helpful, you can be more efficient and have the game translate that cooldown to an actual number.

Safe Houses must be unlocked before you can claim SHD caches

The Washington D.C. map of The Division 2 is split into different zones, each intended for players of a certain level. Though the environments and factions are different between them, one thing remains the same: they all have SHD Tech caches.

Not all weapon attachments can be unlocked

The Perks tab at the Quartermaster has a couple of sections for weapon modifications such as sights, magazines, and barrel attachments. This is a bit misleading, because it leads players to believe that it's the only way to unlock new attachments in The Division 2.

Return to captured Control Points periodically

Control Points in The Division 2 are short side activities you can engage in while exploring the world. With the help of AI teammates (which you can call in), you can claim the point for the good guys.

Sell your trinkets

This is another thing The Division 2 doesn't tell you. All the useless tat you've been collecting in your travels can be sold for credits at vendors. When browsing their wares, hit the Sell tab and hold the button listed all the way at the bottom.

How to Unlock the Division 2 Recalibration Station

To unlock recalibration in The Division 2, you first need to recruit Emma Richards to your base of operations. You can do this as soon as you upgrade the Campus settlement to level three by completing story missions. Once it hits level three, you can find Emma hanging out in the settlement.

How Does Recalibrating Work?

Recalibration in The Division 2 lets you transfer talents, attributes, and bonuses from once piece of gear to the next. When you transfer a bonus or talent from an item, however, the original item is permanently destroyed. Know what you’re getting into!

How Do You Know Which Stats You Can Recalibrate? Why Are Some Stats Grayed Out?

In the recalibration menu, The Division 2 will only let you select stats for recalibration if you have a matching stat type on another item in your inventory. It will gray out all other stats. If a stat is grayed-out, that means you don’t have a valid item or weapon in your inventory to transfer a matching stat from.

How Many Times Can You Recalibrate an Item?

Once you recalibrate a specific item statistic, you cannot recalibrate any of its other bonus slots. For example, when you calibrate a weapon’s talent, you can’t later recalibrate its offensive bonus. You’ve essentially locked in your choice of bonus to calibrate on that weapon from that point forward.

How Much Does Recalibration Cost?

Recalibrating an item requires both resources and credits. The exact number of credits and the type of materials vary based on item type. The level of the item is also a factor — but, in general, this is a very expensive process by The Division 2 standards.

Why Should You Recalibrate Items? and When Should You Do It?

Recalibrating items is a good way to transferr useful stats and bonuses from low-level to high-level gear. It also lets you shoot for more synergistic character builds. For example, when you’re level 28, you might find a pair of gloves with the brilliant “To Order” talent. This allows you to cook grenades before you throw them.

What Is Recalibration Score and How Does It Cap Gear?

Recalibration Score is a concept introduced in The Division 2 Title Update 3. It is a separate attribute from Gear Score, and essentially acts as a “budget” for recalibrating better stats onto existing items. The more and better stats you apply to a piece of gear, the more Recalibration Score you eat up.

What are the Division 2 mods?

The Division 2 mods are the key to powering up your character. Beyond just levelling up these boost your weapons, skills, gear and more. Knowing what they do and how they can affect your character build is vital once you start near the endgame.

What are division 2 specializations?

Most importantly The Division 2 specializations unlock letting you chose a class like discipline to level up as you unlock even more powerful perks and gear.

What is the dark zone in Division 2?

The dark Zone is where The Division 2 gets serious: a ruthless PvP area where players fight each other to take and steal the best gear in the game. That is if you can get out alive to enjoy it. However, it'll be a short fruitless trip if you can't work out how to get Dark Zone keys in The Division 2.

What do you need filament for in Division 2?

You need it for a number of things, including any crafting bench upgrades you want to make. If you're stuck on obtaining the stuff, here's what you need to know.

Can you open the Omninous Box?

If you've spent any time in the Whitehouse you've probably notice that omninous box you can't open. If you want to get inside you're going to need to find some Division 2 ivory keys to open and get at the rewards inside.

How many levels are there in Division 2?

The Division 2 ’s main campaign will guide you all the way through the game’s 30 levels. It will point you in the direction of suitable missions and bring you right to the door of the final mission (which requires you to be level 30 before you start it).

What happens after the final mission of the campaign?

After the final mission of the campaign, your map will change. A new faction, the Black Tusk, arrives in DC. This is the first stage of The Division 2 ’s endgame. You’re sent back through D.C. to recapture some of the key locations you already went through in the campaign, but this time you’ll be fighting the Black Tusk.

What is the Gear Score for World Tier 4?

This will become The Division 2 ’s new endgame. But for now, World Tier 4 is capped at a Gear Score of 450. The options for getting gear once you hit Tier 4 include completing bounties, which reset periodically, ...

What is a world tier?

World Tiers are difficulty modes within The Division 2 ’s endgame. You move from one tier to the next automatically once you’ve reached a certain Gear Score and completed the necessary missions. The most important thing for this part of the endgame is clearing the missions the game gives you and advancing in World Tiers.

Fill out your skill tree by earning the required points

Specializations in The Division 2 give agents an opportunity to lean into a desired playstyle that fits their preference, but they require Specialization Points to grow. This guide will help agents understand how to get specialization points, which requires a little footwork on their end.

Specialization points are earned from Daily and Weekly projects, completing Invaded missions, Challenging Control Points, and from leveling up

Specialization points are earned in a handful of ways. Levels after 40 or 30 (depending on whether you own the expansion or not) will grant a specialization point (though, as of Warlords of New York this is bugged out, but a fix should be implemented soon ).