where can i donate old cell phones near me

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How to get cash from old cell phones?

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How can I dispose of my old cell phones?

458 W 55th St, New York · 0.7 mi · (858) 324-4111

How to recycle old cell phones for cash?

Where to Recycle Old Cell Phone Near Me? Drop Off Locations with Recycling Programs: Phone Recycling Kiosks for Instant Payment; Mail-In Recycling for Mobile Devices; Cell Phone Donation Drop Off Locations; Mobile Phone Carriers with Trade-in Programs; Cell Phone Recycling Facts; FAQ’s. Can I recycle cell phones in my curbside recycling program?

Where can I buy an unlocked cell phone?

American Cell Phone Drive Find local organizations that accept cell phone donations from American Cell Phone Drive’s database of more than 4,000 charities nationwide. Medic Mobile Uses the proceeds from recycled phones to fund healthcare programs in …


What do I do with old cell phones?

Old Cell Phone: Recycle It The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you recycle it instead. Electronics can be hazardous if not recycled properly, so find out how the EPA recommends recycling your phone.Mar 3, 2022

Is there a charity for old phones?

If you take old tech to charity shops such as Oxfam, they will refurbish or recycle them, or donate the proceeds of selling your old device on eBay to charity through the eBay for Charity scheme.Mar 19, 2021

How do I dispose of my old mobile phone UK?

There are two ways of securely destroying your information, the first is to use a data overwrite software. The second is to physically destroy your phone, by shredding. Recycle IT 4U partners with a UK-based ISO 27001 accredited company to dispose of mobile phones, Ipads and tablets.

What can I do with old Iphones?

Cookbook, reader, security camera: Here are 10 creative uses for an old iPad or iPhoneMake it a car dashcam. ... Make it a reader. ... Turn it into a security cam. ... Use it to stay connected. ... See your favorite memories. ... Control your TV. ... Organize and play your music. ... Make it your kitchen companion.More items...•May 25, 2020

Can I recycle cell phones in my curbside recycling program?

No. You should never put your old cell phone, tablet, or any other electronic device in your curbside recycling bins. Anything with a power cord or...

Where to get the most cash for old cell phones?

If you want to know how to get top dollar money for that old phone you may need to check a couple of sites, and also take advantage of any promo co...

Can I repair my Phone instead of Recycling?

Obviously this will depend on the issue with your current phone. If the battery is not holding a charge consider purchasing a new battery online. I...

Why should I recycle my cell phone?

If you’re looking for a convincing reason to recycle your cell phone simply look at the facts. Cell phones actually contain hazardous materials tha...

What happens to recycled mobile phones?

Many of us know we should recycle all of our small electronics, but how does recycling cell phones actually work? Well if your device is not refurb...

What can I do with my old phone case, charger, or accessories?

Many of the above mentioned outlets for recycling also accept chargers, adaptors and even accessories, if the phone case is still in good shape you...

Does Goodwill or Salvation Army accept Cell Phones?

Yes, both Goodwill and the Salvation Army accept small electronic devices, including cell phones. You will definitely want to be certain to encrypt...

How to recycle a cell phone?

First and foremost though let’s cover how to prepare your mobile phone for recycling. Some basic tips on preparation for recycling are: 1 If you have up-graded make sure the cell carrier you use transfers all your data to your new device. 2 You will want to factory reset your phone to wipe all your data and remove all your personal information from it. For added security in wiping your cell phone you can also remove your SIM card or SD card if it hasn’t already been transferred to your new phone. 3 If you have an Android take an extra step and encrypt your data, because a factory reset may not entirely wipe your personal data. 4 If possible you should remove the battery from your cell phone for separate recycling.

What is the purpose of cell phones for soldiers?

Cell Phones for Soldiers is another organization that accepts cell phone donations, they sell the phones to a recycler or refurbishing company and use the profits to provide talk time for servicemen stationed overseas, to call home.

What is the National Coalition against Domestic Violence?

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Sells used phones and uses the proceeds to combat domestic violence. Second Wave Recycling Proceeds go toward the cause of your choice, including charities related to the military, environment, and children.

What is Gospel for Asia?

Gospel for Asia Sells donated phones to fund missionaries, operate schools, and provide Bibles and livestock to needy villages in Asia. Teen Challenge of Arizona Uses the proceeds from donated smartphones to help people overcome life-controlling problems.

What is cellular recycler?

Cellular Recycler, a nonprofit organization that specializes in electronic trade-ins, makes it easy to send in your old phone. It also offers a Collection Kit for organizations interested in holding trade-in fundraisers.

What is American Cell Phone Drive?

The American Cell Phone Drive collects devices to distribute in communities across the nation. American Cell Phone Drive works with more than 4,000 organizations, the group says on its website.

Does Pickup Please pick up your phone?

Available in 13 states, Pickup Please will pick up your phone for free and donate the proceeds to Vietnam Veterans of America. All you have to do is schedule a pickup online and a driver will arrive and leave you a tax deduction receipt.


CPFS will pay for your shipping if you plan to ship 10 phones or more.


Thank you for taking the extra step to cover shipping costs for your donated devices! Not only is your device donation tax deductible but so are the shipping costs.

How much gold is recycled in a cell phone?

To demonstrate the importance of recycling, the article mentions that every time one million cell phones are recycled, they yield: 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold and 33 pounds of palladium. This is important to consider since only about 12.5% of e-waste is actually recycled, according to the same article.

What happens when you throw away a cell phone?

When you throw away your phone, it is treated as waste and either burned (releasing hazardous chemicals into the air) or left in a landfill where the soil will absorb the toxic chemicals. Reduced energy consumption: When you recycle cell phones, you save energy through re-purposing.

What are cell phones made of?

The materials used to make cell phones generally consist of: Various metals, including common alloys, as well as some precious metals like ...

Can you recycle a cell phone?

Prior to recycling your cell phone, you should make sure that your information on the device is backed up — most carriers will do this for you. You will also want to remove your SIM card in order to switch it over to your new device. After you have backed up your phone, you will want to go into your settings to factory reset it and wipe any existing personal data.

What is an eco friendly phone?

Eco-Friendly Phones and Accessories. Eco-friendly devices exist; they have ECO Specs and are created with packaging, production, phone efficiency, and materials in mind. There are various apps and phone settings that can help with energy efficiency as well.

How much of e-waste is recycled?

This is important to consider since only about 12.5% of e-waste is actually recycled, according to the same article. It becomes important to understand and implement best practices surrounding cell phone recycling.

What is the recycling process?

The Recycling Process. During the recycling process, any part of a mobile device that is usable is repurposed instead of being immediately thrown out. The process generally starts when the recycler ships the batteries off to be recycled at a specialized establishment.