where can i donate packing materials

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Packing Materials Recycling. Your local neighborhood postalcenter® recycles packing peanuts/polyfill. All you need to do is bring them in to anyone of our locations. You can bring them in a plastic bag or box and we’re happy to accept them. Please make sure that they are clean and able to be re-used.

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Where can I recycle packing peanuts?

Nov 15, 2010 · Donate Packing Materials To Local Eco-Retailers. With the holiday season in full swing, there’s all sorts of internet ordering happening. Free shipping is our friend, but you can quickly end up with a plethora of packing materials taking over your living room.

Can I donate non-toxic industrial products such as shelving?

Your local neighborhood postalcenter® recycles packing peanuts/polyfill. All you need to do is bring them in to anyone of our locations. You can bring them in a plastic bag or box and we’re happy to accept them. Please make sure that they are clean and able to be re-used.

What are material donations and why are they important?

Some post offices and shipping facilities will accept clean shipping materials. (Be sure to call ahead before attempting to drop materials off at your local shipping facility.) When deflated, materials like bubble-wrap can be accepted at collection bins often found at …

How do I donate to the Scrap Exchange?

Donating items and materials is really easy. We accept drop-off donations by appointment only at our thrift store location at 2020 Chapel Hill Road, Suite 31, Durham, NC 27707 Curbside Drop-Off The new donation location includes a convenient curb-side drop-off service to make donating to The Scrap Exchange easier than ever before.


What is Boxcycle used for?

Anyone, from retailers and individuals who never thought about boxes before to large box manufacturers and resellers, can use BoxCycle as a green and profitable sales channel for used and new boxes. Retailers: Turn used boxes from incoming shipments into profit, foot traffic, and good image.

How long after appointment can I contact Anonymous Connect?

If you are unable to get an acceptable resolution or can't reach the other party, please report the issue to us once lateness exceeds 15 minutes.

Do you get your address after you confirm an order?

Privacy: Buyers only get your address after you confirm the order. Your contact information is usually not shared, even with confirmed buyers. Full Control: You decide on minimum order, pickup hours, lead times, and more. Payment Processing: We collect, verify, and process all payments from buyers; you get paid by us.

Do you have to enter specifics in Box Listing?

You do not have to enter specifics of your boxes or think about pricing. To make listing simple, we maintain a list of box types and set default list prices to fair and competitive levels. You can set additional box properties and custom prices after listing or by using Advanced List.

Is there a charge for Boxcycle?

There is no charge to list on BoxCycle and we do not require exclusive access to your boxes. We help you get rid of some of your boxes in a more profitable and environmentally friendly fashion. You can continue to dispose of the remaining boxes as you've always done.

Is Boxcycle safe?

Although BoxCycle is safer than many alternatives, you are still selling to independent, unvetted third-parties and should take common-sense safety precautions, similar to what you'd do with online or newspaper classified ads.

Can you store boxes until you sell?

Your listing should accurately reflect boxes you can provide to the buyer. You can store boxes until sale, adjust your listing to keep up with inventory changes, or let us make regular adjustments for you - simply contact us with your schedule. You can also specify a Lead Time to allow yourself time to gather boxes.

Can packing materials be recycled?

Unfortunately, there are many packing materials that cannot be re -used. The best way to determine if another item can be recycled is to ask yourself if the item could be re-used. If so, then it probably can be recycled. If not, check with your town to see if they have a method of recycling these items.

Is polyfill good for packing?

Polyfill is a great packing material because it does an excellent job of keeping your package contents and container tight. We recommend that part of your recycling program is keeping some on hand for the next time you need to ship an item that needs this type of cushioning.

Can tissue paper be composted?

Just be sure to call ahead before attempting any drop-off, to be sure the materials will be accepted. Tissue paper should be reused or composted. Tissue paper is often made from recycled materials, leaving it with short fibers that can’t be reprocessed easily.

Can you drop off packing peanuts?

Packing peanuts can be dropped off . While its air-filled counterparts (bubble wrap and air pockets) can often be brought to a common drop-off for recycling, loose-fill foam materials such as packing peanuts usually require a dedicated facility.

Can you drop off foam?

Foam products can also be dropped off. Foam products, much like packing peanuts, is unable to be recycled traditionally. Instead, consider either reusing it or bringing it to a shipping facility for reuse. (Remember to call ahead before attempting a drop-off, to be sure the material will be accepted at the location.) Separate mixed materials.

Can you recycle cardboard envelopes?

Paper and cardboard envelopes likewise can be put into your regular recycling bin. However, an envelope with mixed materials (for example, a paper envelope exterior and bubble wrap interior) should be separated in order to be recycled in the appropriates processes.

Can bubble wrap be recycled?

Bubble wrap envelopes can be recycled. If the envelope is made with only plastic materials, then deflate the bubble wrap and bring it to a plastic bag and film drop-off location like you would with plastic bags or shrink wrap. Paper and cardboard envelopes likewise can be put into your regular recycling bin.

What is material donation?

Material donations provide low-cost art supplies, clothing, and housewares for the community to enjoy. They help teachers properly equip their classrooms. They help creatives afford supplies. They give families an affordable place to buy clothing and household items. Donating items and materials is really easy.

How much of the waste that goes to landfills comes from business?

As much as 70% of materials trucked to municipal landfills come from business and industry. By diverting this waste to people who can use it in education, art, and recreation, local businesses can reduce the waste stream and also help enrich education and the arts.

What are packing peanuts made of?

The packing peanuts (you may know them as “popcorn”) used to protect shipped materials from damage are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), which most of us mistakenly confuse with the Dow Chemical Company trademarked name Styrofoam.

How to recycle EPS foam?

The first step for a recycler is to compact all EPS foam together into blocks. Next, it is shredded into pellets. These pellets are then used to create new products, either other forms of EPS like packing peanuts/insulation or products like rulers and picture frames.

Is styrofoam EPS?

All Styrofoam is considered EPS, but not all EPS is Styrofoam. The biggest difference is that Styrofoam is rough and splits when folded, whereas other EPS packaging (such as packing peanuts) is more soft and can bend without breaking.

Can you pay for packing peanuts?

There’s no reason to pay for new packing peanuts if you have an abundance of used ones. For those looking to dispose of packing peanuts, contact local shipping stores to see if they accept them for reuse. You could also contact schools and churches to see if they can be donated for reuse in art projects.

Do peanuts decompose?

Packing peanuts (and other EPS) are among the most common sources of marine debris, where they can be mistaken as food by birds and fish. Packing peanuts don’t biodegrade, meaning it will take hundreds of years for them to decompose in a landfill.

Can you use packing peanuts for shipping?

Many drop-off sites will only accept white packing peanuts, so you’ll want to separate out any other colors. Bag up all your packing peanuts in one container, such as a clear plastic bag. If you have room in your house/apartment, store the packing peanuts for reuse when shipping gifts for the holidays or birthdays.

Does Earth911 accept peanuts?

While there are EPS recyclers in Earth911’s Recycling Search that accept peanuts, there are much fewer of these than shipping stores, so recycling should be seen as a secondary option. You’ll want to call and confirm if there’s a minimum quantity accepted for recycling.

Where to store a torn up box?

Simple enough. However, if the box is in good condition, store it away in the garage, basement or wherever it will be out of the way for the preset moment.

Can you recycle bubble wrap?

Likewise, you are recommended to recycle newsprint or torn paper and damaged bubble wrap. However, remember that these materials could prove to be very useful in your new home – either for covering floors and furniture during any repair works, or for securely wrapping items that are to be stored away. Consider your future needs and decide accordingly.

Can you degrade styrofoam?

If the peanuts are made of starch, they can be cut in small pieces and left to degrade in soil or water. However, styrofoam peanuts are not degradable, so be careful when you dispose of them.

Is it possible to arrange your possessions in a tidy and systematic manner?

It is just impossible to arrange your possessions in a tidy and systematic manner with all the boxes, paper and styrofoam peanuts getting in your way all the time. So, you need a quick solution.

Should you keep packing materials?

They are difficult and expensive to obtain, so no matter if you are planning for another move or not, containers that can hold awkwardly shaped items or that provide extra protection, should be preserved. You never know how useful they may prove to be.

Can you use a sturdy box to store stuff?

Someone who is planning a forthcoming move is sure to come and pick all the packing materials you are willing to give for free, or even for a minimum fee, in no time; Use the boxes to store your belongings. Sturdy boxes can preserve some of the items you use on rare occasions or outdated stuff you prefer to keep.

What to do instead of styrofoam?

Purchase paper plates and bowls instead of Styrofoam when in need of disposable dinnerware. Consider bringing along your own glass or plastic take out containers for leftovers when eating out. Avoid foam egg cartons and choose paper or plastic ones instead, whenever possible.

What is styrofoam used for?

Styrofoam is a highly versatile plastic used for everything from surfboards to electronics.

Is EPS a styrofoam?

The expanded polystyrene, referred to as EPS, most are familiar with is not actually Styrofoam at all. The polystyrene material we are most commonly familiar with is, of course, the Styrofoam used in packaging and food service. Foam polystyrene can be made up of up to 95% air and is perfect as a lightweight, protective packaging material.

Does styrofoam break down?

Styrofoam that ends up in landfills does not break down at all. And although it only makes up roughly 2% of waste by weight, it takes up a whopping 30% in volume of overall solid waste, primarily due to its widespread use in product packaging.

Can you recycle styrofoam?

While Styrofoam, otherwise known as polystyrene, is accepted at a few recycling facilities, for the majority of municipal recycling centers this isn’t the case. Plastic #6/Styrofoam itself is challenging to recycle, adding to the issue most household Styrofoam is contaminated with food and oils making it unable to be recycled anyways.