where can i donate unused feeding tube food

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Please contact one of the organizations below to donate or exchange your supplies. Oley Foundation is particularly helpful for ADULT feeding tube formula. Facebook Groups Canadian Medical Supply Exchange

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Where can I donate or exchange my feeding tube supplies?

Can I donate extra or unused supplies, formula, or equipment? Yes, you can donate supplies or formula, but not directly to Feeding Tube Awareness. Please see our listing of Supply Exchanges for organizations or groups that facilitate supply/equipment exchanges and donations.

Can I donate extra or unused supplies?

Feb 28, 2019 · My husband's tube feeding formula changed and we are left with 3 unopened cases of Osmolite 1.5 formula. I have tried local services that supply medical equipment but no one takes this formula. I hate to trash such expensive formula. One place told me to try the nursing homes, but I don't know how to do this without calling each one.

Can I donate extra g tube formula?

caregiver wife Member Posts: 234. February 2018 #7. when we were in need, we were getting it from the radioligist nutritionist and the oncology office. Worth mentioning again: when dependent on feeding tube, insurance should cover it under durable equipment. Took me FOUR years to convince our insurance company.

Does feeding tube Awareness Foundation serve adults?

Sep 19, 2019 · Our partner, The Oley Foundation, has an Equipment/Supply Exchange Program to "connect families in need of enteral formula, pumps, tubing, and other supplies with families who have items to donate." To learn more about the program and how to donate, please click the link below. http://oley.org/?page=Equipment_Exchange


What can I do with unused medical supplies UK?

Surplus medical equipment or supplies can have a new life helping poor people....7 Organizations That Give Your Old Medical Equipment a New HomeMed-Eq (USA) ... Hospice of Hope (UK) ... Project C.U.R.E. ... Yad Sarah (Israel) ... Not Just Tourists (Canada) ... Medshare (US)More items...•Jan 16, 2019

Does feeding tube food need to be refrigerated?

Store unopened tube feeding formula at room temperature inside your home. Before you use your tube feeding formula check the expiration date and be sure the top of the can/carton is clean.

What can you feed through a feeding tube?

Foods that are popular for blending include sweet potatoes, bananas, quinoa, avocado, oats, nut and seed butters, chicken, yogurt, kefir, various grains, and milk (cow's, soy, almond, coconut, etc). Other liquids include water, broths, and juices.

What is the life expectancy of a person with a feeding tube?

Patients who receive a percutaneous feeding tube have a 30-day mortality risk of 18%–24% and a 1-year mortality risk of 50%–63%. In a well-designed prospective study, Callahan et al. followed 150 patients with new feeding tubes and varied diagnoses, and found 30-day mortality of 22% and 1-year mortality of 50%.

How long can a person live on tube feeding?

There is some evidence to suggest that PEG tubes may decrease mortality among specific subgroups, such as those with ALS (13). Approximately 81% of all patients survived 30 days after PEG placement, and 38% were alive at 1 year.

Can you eat regular food with a feeding tube?

If an individual can eat by mouth safely, then he/she can eat food and supplement with tube feeding if necessary. Eating food will not cause damage to the tube, nor does having a feeding tube make it unsafe to eat.Apr 27, 2021

Can you put pureed food in a feeding tube?

Blended, or Blenderized, Diets (BD) are basically just homemade meals that have been 'liquefied' into a fine puree so that they can fit into your feeding tube.

Is having a feeding tube considered a disability?

Children with feeding tubes are typically considered children with disabilities, and are therefore covered by of the Americans with Disabilities Act.Mar 11, 2020