where can i donate used sports equipment near me

by Stephania Eichmann 10 min read

Where can I donate used sports gear?

DONATE YOUR USED SPORTS EQUIPMENT: SCHEDULE A FREE PICKUP TODAY! Make a little room in your garage and get rid of the sporting goods you no longer use. We can accept just about any used sporting goods – snowboards, skis, helmets, soccer balls, baseball mitts, and more! Your used sports equipment can make a big difference in the lives of ...

Does goodwill accept exercise equipment?

Sep 09, 2021 · Similar to Salvation Army, to donate, you have to: Step 1: Enter your zip code into their website to get started. This will show you the available branches in the area. Step 2:Contact them to see if they are open for donations. Branches may also accept gym or exercise equipment, but you have to call to find out.

Where can I get donations for sports teams?

Donate Equipment. It’s time to get the unused sports equipment that’s been sitting in your closet, garage, or shed back in the game! At Victory Sports, we rely upon generous equipment donations from community members like you. We take that equipment and distribute it to under-privileged kids—allowing them to get in the game and compete.

Where to donate sporting goods?

We are happy to accept equipment shipments to any one of our warehouses: Baltimore warehouse address: 1794 Union Avenue. Baltimore, MD 21211. Philadelphia warehouse address: 404 Elmwood Avenue. Sharon Hill, PA 19079. Greater Washington warehouse address: 9170 Brookville Road.


What can you do with old sports equipment?

What Can I Do With Used Sports Equipment?Resell High-Quality Items. If you have a set of unused hockey sticks or a pair of soccer cleats that were barely worn, then see if you can resell them. ... Donate to Charity. Some items that are still in good condition may be too difficult to sell on your own. ... Trash or Upcycle.Aug 20, 2020

Where can I donate sports equipment in NJ?

Ways to donate or sell used sports equipmentBig Brothers Big Sisters of Northern NJ, 333 Route 46 west, suite 105, Mountain Lakes, 973-335-3044, northjerseybigs.org.ONLINE OPTIONS:More items...•May 23, 2016

Where can I donate sports equipment in Toronto?

Donate Sports Equipment / Sports Clothes (Toronto Area)OASIS CLOTHING BANK.SAFETYNET.WishList: https://www.safetynetservices.ca/howtohelp/#donatebikes.Email: [email protected]: (905) 845 7233.Address: 1317 Speers Road, Oakville ON, L6L 2X5.Contact:https://www.safetynetservices.ca/contact/More items...

Where can I donate hockey equipment in Winnipeg?

You can drop equipment off at the following sites:Allard Arena – 80 Allard Ave, Winnipeg.Canlan Ice Sports – 1871 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg.Gateway Recreation Centre – 1717 Gateway Rd, Winnipeg.River Heights Community Centre – 1370 Grosvenor Ave, Winnipeg.MASRC Office (Sport for Life Centre) – 105 -145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg.Dec 4, 2019

What do you do with old hockey equipment?

Donate It. Various programs, such as Restore Hockey, collect used equipment, refurbish it to like-new condition and then donate it back to families or organizations that are in need of equipment. It also provides a feel-good option for families looking to get rid of any old or outgrown gear.Dec 15, 2016

Where can I donate skates in Toronto?

Skate to Great drives run throughout May Toronto locations accepting donations are: Play It Again Sports at 2488 Gerrard St. E. StorageMart at 875 Don Mills Rd.May 1, 2019

Where can I donate hockey equipment in Ottawa?

Fans are encouraged to drop off their excess hockey equipment at any of Canadian Tire location across Ottawa throughout the year or at select Ottawa Senators games and events.

Will LoadUp remove an entire home gym?

Yes! You can get a guaranteed, upfront price for home gym removal services right on our website or send us a text. One of our friendly customer ser...

How to dispose of broken exercise equipment?

The best way to dispose of broken exercise equipment is to have it recycled. The biggest problem with getting rid of gym equipment is that it's gen...

Where can I get exercise equipment removal near me?

With skilled teams of professional Loaders all across the country, exercise equipment removal is always nearby when you choose LoadUp! We offer ful...

Do I need to take apart my exercise equipment before pick up?

If your exercise equipment is too large to fit through the door, we will need to take it apart to remove it. Please send us a text and one of our f...

How to donate used sports equipment to Vietnam Veterans?

Vietnam Veterans of America collects used sports equipment to benefit America's veterans and their families. To make a donation click the 'Schedule a Pickup' button. You'll need to provide your name and email address for them to contact you about picking up your donation. Free pickups can be scheduled in 13 states.

Where is the Sports Shed located?

They collect and donate sports equipment to inner-city schools and other athletic programs in low-income areas. Their offices are located in Libertyville, Illinois.

Where is Let's Play It Forward?

Let's Play It Forward is a non-profit organization started by a group of teens in Westchester, New York. They collect used sports equipment to distribute to children and organizations in need. To make a donation, contact them at the email address on their donation page. There you will also find a list of items they need and items they can't use.

What is One World Running?

One World Running promotes fitness and health through the distribution of running shoes to those in need in the United States and around the world. They accept donations of new and used running shoes. See their list of drop-off locations or mail your donation to the address on their website.

Why You Should Donate

Do you have an old treadmill or training bike gathering dust in your basement? Do you have a weighty set of dumbbells you don’t want, but you aren’t sure where or how to get rid of them? Donating these items to local groups or charity organizations is the perfect way to give back and recycle your used equipment.

Who Can Pick Up My Equipment?

If you have decided to donate your used exercise equipment, the next step is to find the quickest and cheapest way to get rid of it. We at Easy Donation Pickup have compiled a list of organizations and places that will pick up your sports equipment and other donation items.

Are There Any Other Organizations to Check Out?

If you still haven’t found a suitable charity to donate to, here are some more options you can consider:

Make Donating Easy with Easy Donation Pickup

Easy Donation Pickup has you covered if you want to give away your exercise equipment and help our veterans. There’s no need to worry about how you’ll transport your heavy treadmill or stationary bike to a drop-off location — we do the pickup for you.

Get Kids Off the Sidelines By Donating New and Gently-Used Sports Equipment

We very much appreciate the generosity of the community. Click below to see where to donate and what items we graciously accept and a few we just can’t take. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions by contacting us.

What types of equipment does LPF accept?

Please use your best judgment on the condition of equipment before donating. If you wouldn’t trust your kid using/wearing it, neither will we! Tax-deductible receipts are available upon request.

How We Can Help You

Our program enables organizations to save thousands of dollars in equipment costs, letting them lower registration fees and making it possible for more kids involved in the game.

Be Part of the Solution

By donating equipment, volunteering or making a financial contribution to support our mission, you help us to keep putting more kids on the playing field.

Help Us Grow!

In order to continue growing and make a difference in the lives of even more kids, we rely on the local communities to help us raise the funds we need!

Where can I donate used exercise equipment?

Used exercise equipment that is in good working condition can usually be donated to a local charity or a national organization like Fitness 4 Charity, The Salvation Army or Goodwill. However, since each location’s needs are different, it’s best to call ahead to be sure they are accepting donations.

What is the phone number for exercise equipment removal?

Give us a call at (844) 239-7711 or visit us online to get a guaranteed, upfront price for pick up and removal services near you.

Can exercise equipment go to landfill?

Large items like exercise equipment shouldn’t end up in a landfill, especially those that still work! We believe in finding the most eco-friendly disposal method for all of your junk exercise and gym gear. We always try to find greener disposal methods, such as recycling or donating exercise equipment.

Do loaders arrive on time?

Your Loaders will arrive on-time at your location and work quickly to haul away your items from inside your home with no price haggling. Once the job is done, you can even rate your removal experience.

Can exercise equipment be recycled?

Yes! Exercise equipment can be recycled, but it is heavy and hard to move. If you do not have the time or ability to recycle your unwanted fitness equipment yourself, go LoadUp! As an eco-friendly removal company, we always try to recycle or donate exercise equipment when available.