where to donate a mattress in va beach

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At Mattress Disposal Plus, we always strive to recycle when possible, specializing in removing and disposing of used mattresses and other furniture. Virginia Beach, Virginia Call (877) 708-8329 or Book Online to schedule Virginia Beach mattress disposal.

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Where can I donate clothes in Virginia Beach?

Donate clothes and other household items in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Charities like Habitat for Humanity will pick up your donations for free and leave you a tax deduction receipt. Donationtown.org allows you to schedule online appointments for Virginia Beach, Virginia donation pick ups .

How can I donate a mattress for free?

Our on-site Donation Department is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. and is located at our main administrative office at 2620 Southern Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA (off 264 at the Lynnhaven North exit). The department is staffed by volunteers during these times.

Where can I donate a queen mattress and box spring?

Charities such as Habitat for Humanity donation pick up, Hope House, Union Mission Ministries, United Community Ministries, Vietnam Veterans of America donation pick up, AMVETS donation pick up, the Good Shepherd Alliance, the Humane Society, the Salvation Army donation pick up, and more charities will pick up your donations for free and leave you a tax deduction receipt. …

How do I donate a mattress to habitat for Wake County?

Donate to our ReStores. You can drop off items while we're open or schedule your tax-deductible pickup! Here's how: Schedule a Donation Pick-Up Online. Call Us at (757)640-0594. Email Us: [email protected].


Where can I donate furniture to in Virginia Beach?

Top 10 Best donation pick up in Virginia Beach, VACollege Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving - Virginia Beach. ... Vets Haul Junk Removal Norfolk. ... DAV Thrift Store. ... Samaritan House. ... The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center. ... Habitat For Humanity. ... Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia.More items...

Where can I donate in Virginia Beach?

Top 10 Best donation drop off in Virginia Beach, VAChildren's Hospital of the Kng's Dghtrs Thrft Strs. ... The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center. ... CHKD Thrift Store. ... The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center. ... Union Mission Ministries. ... Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia. ... Second Chance Community Thrift.More items...

Where can I donate books in Virginia Beach?

Donated items may be placed in the library's collection or provided to the Friends of Virginia Beach Public Library, which supports VBPL and the community with proceeds from used book sales.

Where can I donate baby items in Virginia Beach?

Newborns In Need- Tidewater VA5690 Campus Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. Get Directions.3 people checked in here.http://www.newbornsinneed.org/(757) 348-1127.Nonprofit Organization. · Charity Organization.

What companies can pick up a mattress?

Charitable organizations, recycling organizations, and junk hauling services are all options that often offer home pickup of used mattresses. These...

Does it cost anything to recycle a mattress?

Recycling services and junk removal services may charge as little as $20 or over $100 for recycling your mattress, particularly if they're doing a...

Which donation centers accept used mattresses?

When it comes to places that will accept a gently used mattress, your best options include the National Furniture Bank Association, along with your...

Donating in Virginia Beach, Virginia is Free and Easy

Ready to make a donation to charity? Check out our directory of charities that offer donation pickup service. Here’s how

Donate Almost Anything

Most of the charities in the VA Donation Town directory will come and pick up the following donations:

Where Can I Donate Clothes, Furniture, Books and Other Household Goods in Virginia Beach, Virginia?

Please enter your zip code on our Charity Directory webpage to find charities in your area that will pick up your donations.

Wondering where to donate an old mattress?

DonationTown.org will help you find a charity in your area that will accept your bed, mattress and other furniture donation. You can also, within minutes, schedule a free pickup of your items.

Will charities accept beds and mattresses of any size?

You’ll need to check with the charity first, but many organizations will accept your donated bed and mattress of any size. Donate a hospital bed. Donate a baby or crib mattress. Donate an inflatable mattress. Donate a single or twin bed. Donate a full bed. Donate a queen bed. Donate a king or California king bed.

Do you have more than a mattress to donate to charity?

Super! DonationTown.org is your best bet to get your donations into the hands of a charity near you. It only takes a couple minutes. You’ll first be able to locate a charity near you willing to accept your donations, and you can then schedule a free pickup of the items you’d like to donate.

How much does a Saatva mattress cost?

Most of them charge a fee of anything between $100-$200. Saatva is one of the few who don’t charge. When Saatva mattresses are delivered and set up in your house, they will also remove the old mattress free of charge. See Saatva Mattresses here.

How does furniture bank work?

They work through referrals from schools, churches, and agencies to deliver pieces of furniture to people who desperately need them. The association could use your mattress donation to be more effective. The Furniture Banks themselves are generally dedicated to providing adequate living and sleeping conditions for people in America, by providing essential furniture facility for human existence to those that cannot afford it. Through referrals, they give furniture to these people (who approximately consist of 40% children), at little or no cost made by accepted donations. Even after the 100,000+ people every year throughout the US and Canada, there are still more people who need mattresses to sleep on and your donation would help the organization get to them. Check the list of Furniture Banks in your area through the NFBA website to get started.

How do religious charities show love?

Religious charities show the love of God by providing assistance to anyone who needs it. Their functions range from providing material necessities which include food, clothes and yes, your old mattress to defending fundamental human rights. Donation to local charities in your community would go a long way to make their mission effective. It would also benefit you as nothing compares to the feeling that you derive from helping to help other people.

Is a mattress good for you?

Mattresses are a vital necessity for healthy living, and while yours may be old and ‘seemingly no more beneficial’ to you, it could still do a lot of good to other people who might be in need of it. The saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ comes alive in this situation.

Donating in Virginia is Free and Easy

Ready to make a donation to charity? Check out our directory of charities that offer donation pickup service. Here’s how

Donate Almost Anything

Most of the charities in the Virginia Donation Town directory will come and pick up the following donations:

Why do you donate to a charity?

Donating to a charity is the most customary option because it allows you to decide exactly where you want to donate and who you choose to support. If your mattress has some imperfections, skip ahead. We will discuss the appropriate choices available to you, one of which still includes donating to someone in need.

What is Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity. Building houses for the homeless and less fortunate is usually the first thing that comes to mind when Habitat for Humanity is mentioned. It’s pretty normal since it’s their main priority. But aside from this, they also help in pooling resources of scrap material to furnish the new houses.

Can homeless people donate mattresses?

Most homeless shelters will only accept a new mattress or one that has been gently used and is in good shape. So chances are that your best bet is to donate your old mattress to a thrift store run by a charity, though it still has to be in acceptable condition.

Does the Salvation Army accept mattresses?

Unfortunately, no. The Salvation Army does not accept mattress donations or box springs. They do not have enough available space to store a collection of mattresses. However, this organization accepts a donation of furniture that includes your used bed frame and other large household furniture.

Does Arc Thrift take mattresses?

As with the Salvation Army, Arc Thrift Stores isn’t currently one of the charities that take mattresses. You can donate furniture and other large household items though, except for a used mattress or box springs. You may visit their website for an updated list of other household goods and appliances that are not accepted.

Can you dispose of a mattress in the trash?

Free Mattress Disposal. When all else fails, you can always dispose of your mattress in the trash. If you live in a city, you may be able to leave it by a dumpster on a large item pick up day. If this option isn’t locally available, then you may have to haul it to the landfill or dump it as waste.

Can you donate a mattress?

Mattresses can only be accepted as a donation if they are still in fairly good condition. A mattress with any rips, tears, discolorations, stains, or deep compressions will be rejected in most organizations. This is because mattresses are hard to transport and dispose of.

What is mattress disposal?

Mattress Disposal. With locations in every major US city, Mattress Disposal is fully licensed furniture and mattress removal service. For a small fee, they will pick up your unwanted items and dispose of them in the most eco-friendly way possible. They do their best to avoid landfills, even donating items when they can.

What is the National Furniture Bank Association?

Organizations, such as The National Furniture Bank Association, operate an online database of those in need of home furnishings, especially mattresses. Their online directory covers all of North America, so it is easy to locate a Furniture Bank facility near you.

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Can you take a mattress to a thrift store?

Although it may come as a surprise, local thrift stores do not accept mattresses at most locations. Some cannot take any mattress or box spring, including waterbeds, traditional innerspring, or foam mattresses. Due to health and sanitation laws, beds have to be sanitized before being resold at those locations. Because most thrift shops do not have the resources to do so, they are unable to take these donations.

What is freecycle.org?

Freecycle.org is an online network that lists items within each community currently being offered for free. Once you enter your location on the site, a list of free items in your city will come up. You can list your mattress on FreeCycle, and someone looking for a bed can get in touch with you. You can communicate with members directly on the site, and there is no need to exchange information until it is time to coordinate a pick-up.

Can you recycle a mattress?

Recycling Your Mattress. If your old bed is not in good enough condition for donation, the best option is to recycle it. This process is quite easy, considering most mattress materials are recyclable, even memory foam. When it comes to recycling, there are several options available to you.