where to donate old clothes near me

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Where to donate clothes near you and actually do good?

Mar 28, 2022 · How to find places to donate old clothes near me Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place . Then press 'Enter' or Click 'Search', you'll see search results as red mini-pins or red dots …

Where can I donate some of my old clothes?

There are many places to donate clothes including local shelters, Goodwill Donation centers, drop boxes, and local churches. Some of the best places to donate clothes include your local thrift stores like Savers or Goodwill. Here your items will be sorted and priced then sold second hand.

Where is good place to donate some used clothes?

Oct 13, 2020 · Goodwill is one of the most well-known places to donate used clothes (and tons of other things too!). The non-profit is funded by a massive network of …

Where can I give away old clothes?

If you’d like to make a clothing donation to the American Red Cross through GreenDrop, call us at 1-888-944-3767 to schedule an at-home pick-up. One of GreenDrop’s friendly driversdrivers will collect your donation. You can also donate clothing to benefit the American Red Cross at one of our GreenDrop donation centers.


Where to find textile recycling near you

There are a number of ways to recycle textiles and old clothing, and many of them begin with donations.

Textiles can be donated

If your clothing is in good condition, you can always donate it to a local church, community clothing drive, or thrift store, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Clothing can be recycled

Clothing can be donated, sure, but what about tatty clothes, rags, and other textiles? Rather than force a charitable organization to sift through all the poor-condition clothing, try looking for specific textile recycling locations in your area. A good place to start is your municipality or state recycling programs.

Many organizations actively seek out textile donations

Wearable Collections is a textile recycling organization based out of New York City. Dedicated to minimizing textile waste across the country, Wearable Connections has been working with businesses and municipal organizations and salvaging discarded clothing for over two decades.

Some clothing and textiles can be returned to the manufacturer

According to Fast Company, some companies, Patagonia, for instance, will actually buy or accept donations of its clothing from customers in order to recycle it. Other companies like H&M and American Eagle Outfitters offer in-store clothing recycling bins to collect textiles or accessories of any brand.

Why should I recycle textiles?

According to the EPA, around 17 million tons of textile municipal solid waste was generated in 2018. And if you think that number is huge, try this one on for size — McKinsey & Company reports that 100 billion garments are produced on Earth every year. That is, pardon my language, a lot of damn clothes that use a lot of water and resources to make.

How are recycled textiles reused?

Some donated textiles are recycled into new clothing and then resold. Others are sent off to undeveloped nations to help those in need, and the remainder is turned into things like industrial rags, insulation, loudspeaker cones, furniture padding, and even new clothing.


We have over 7300+ thrift stores and donation bins listed. Making it the largest collection of donation locations in the world. We're sure you'll find one near you.


We help everyday Americans like yourself give back to the community in the easiest way possible. By donating clothes or other goods that you simply don't use anymore.


Finding a thrift store or donation bin near you is easy. Simply select your city, choose an organization you's like to donate to, or visit the map to get started.

How much does For Days take back bags?

For Days has a $6-20 take back bags (affiliate link), depending on the size. For Days is a circular sustainable brand that makes sure the clothes won’t get thrown away. All brands of clothing are welcome.

What do sober living houses need?

Many residents may not have a lot of belongings or resources, so clothing donations can make a big difference. Sober living houses also often need linens, food, and furniture.

Does Madewell recycle jeans?

Madewell jeans recycling. Madewell is not the most sustainable or transparent brand, but they do have a denim recycling program that turns old jeans into housing insulation. 6. Facebook groups. If you have ratty but clean clothing, some local artists may be interested in using the textiles for their work.

Why do refugees leave their lives?

Refugees often leave their lives and belongings behind to escape violence in their countries. These organizations not only provide free clothing to refugees, but also often food, shelter, medical care, legal services, and career advising.

What is the Buy Nothing Project?

The Buy Nothing Project has Facebook groups across the world. You join the group of your local area so you can give (and receive) right in your community. The group locations are super specific, and may cities are split up into multiple groups. You can only join the one where you live.

Do foster children have closets?

As a result, foster care programs often have free closets to not only help the children, but also the new foster parents—allowing them to spend more money on the enrichment and development of their new family member.

What is Mutual Aid?

The Mutual Aid App allows you to search for nearby aid requests and respond to them right in the app. There are also Facebook groups that allow you to give and request aid.

How to Recycle Old Clothing and Accessories

When you have clothes you no longer need and want to get rid of, the first thing you should do is sort and separate your clothing that you no longer want into three categories.

Reselling Old Clothing

Maybe these items no longer fit but are in great shape, or you could be downsizing and these are no longer your style. Make one pile for all unwanted clothing that is in good to excellent condition. Maybe it was even a gift that you just can’t see your self ever wearing and are unable to exchange or return.

Donate Your Clothing

If you just don’t want to mess around with posting and listing and shipping, and your clothes still have some life left in them you can also donate clothing to many different charitable organizations. There are many places to donate clothes including local shelters, Goodwill Donation centers, drop boxes, and local churches.

Clothes Recycling Bins Near Me

If your clothing or textiles are too worn to donate you can still keep them out of landfills through recycling. Clothing recycling drop bins are located inside some popular retailers such as H&M and American Eagle Outfitters. Some retail stores will even reward for participating in their textile recycling and sustainability efforts.

Clothes Recycling FAQs

Old shoes should be donated if at all possible. Shelters or non-profit organizations usually accept donated shoes. Another option for athletic shoes is Nike’s Reuse-a-shoe program. Simply drop your athletic shoes off at any Nike store, they accept all brands, but not sandals or boots, dress shoes, or shoes with any metal.

What is the Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is an international charity organization that provides assistance to nearly 23 million Americans each year, with services that include everything from operating homeless shelters and conducting disaster relief to providing support for veterans, the elderly and the LGBTQ+ community. Clothing donations go toward stocking the charity's network of thrift stores, with all proceeds helping fund The Salvation Army's adult rehabilitation centers.

What is Planet Aid?

Planet Aid. Many charities only accept clothing that's in good and wearable condition — but Planet Aid is different. The organization makes it easy to donate and recycle all of your unwanted clothes, with the mission of saving all textiles from the landfill to help protect the environment.

What is the Red Cross?

One of the oldest and most well-respected humanitarian organizations in the country , the American Red Cross provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and disaster preparedness education for millions of people around the world. The non-profit currently has a partnership with GreenDrop, an organization that will take donated clothes and re-sell them to thrift stores to benefit the American Red Cross.

What is one warm coat?

Donate your spare jackets to One Warm Coat, a non-profit that provides free coats to people in need. Working towards its mission of raising awareness of the vital need for warm coats across the country, the organization has hosted more than 38,000 coat drives and has provided 6.6 million free coats since 1992.

Does Goodwill take used clothes?

Accepted donations: Goodwill accepts all new and gently used clothing, including shoes and accessories. They also take other household items such as books, furniture, appliances and more.

What is the VVA?

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is an organization dedicated to promoting and serving the needs of Vietnam War veterans through legislative initiatives, education and outreach programs. The non-profit collects donations of clothing and household items, which they either give directly to homeless and low-income veterans or re-sell in their resale stores to generate funds for their various programs and initiatives.

Is Goodwill a non profit?

The non-profit is funded by a massive network of retail thrift stores across the country. Revenue from the stores goes directly toward helping individuals find employment and grow their careers by providing them with job training, placement services and other community-based programs. Anything they can't sell, Goodwill will forward to recycling organizations that will help the items avoid the landfill.

What is the Red Cross in need of?

During times of crisis and natural disasters, the American Red Cross (and other local and national organizations) is often in need of clothing for those who were hit by the crisis.

Can you donate clothes to hurricane victims?

It is a wonderful idea to donat e clothes to fire victims and to donate clothes to Hurricane Harvey (and other hurricane) survivors. Many communities work together to gather clothing donations during these times of crisis thanks to the American Red Cross or other similar organizations which accept clothing donations.