where to donate old paint

by Letitia Ortiz 5 min read

5 Great Places to Donate Leftover Paint

  1. Drama Clubs. Most high school drama clubs have very limited budgets, but very big ideas. ...
  2. Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) Centers. Your community P.A.L. ...
  3. Homeless Shelters. ...
  4. Scouting Groups. ...
  5. Camps for Low-Income Children. ...

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How can I reuse or recycle old paint?

Your donation of left-over paint can give the children who go to the center a creative outlet for painting wall murals or even just painting a classroom or weight room. You may be able to get a receipt for a charitable donation depending on how much paint you donate. 3. Homeless Shelters.

How to donate or dispose of your old paint?

May 03, 2019 · Where to donate it. If you are looking to donate (non-expired) paint, make sure to first check whether an organization wants or needs it before you start lugging cans around town.

Where to donate unused paint?

If that is not an option, the second best thing would be to donate latex paint to Habitat for Humanity or other organization that can use the paint for a good cause. Lastly, latex paints can be mixed with kitty litter to form a composition that can safely be thrown in the trash.

Where can you dispose of old paint?

PaintShare is a program that helps people pick up leftover paint that has been collected at participating paint recycling locations. Sharing leftovers is cost-effective, energy efficient, and puts paint where it belongs – on buildings, walls, and in the hands of aspiring artists – and diverts it away from our sewers, dumps, and landfills.


How do you dispose of water-based paint (Latex)?

One of the most frequently asked questions homeowners have is how to dispose of latex paint without taking it to a paint recycling facility. The be...

Is it illegal to throw away paint?

Everybody should do their best and learn how to properly recycle paint so it does not end up causing damage to the environment. For example, oil-ba...

Can I recycle paint?

Oil pants are highly toxic and cannot be recycled (oil paints are classified as hazardous waste), but latex paints can be recycled! Those wondering...

Can you pour acrylic paint down the sink?

Acrylic paint should not be poured down the sink. The reason is that acrylic is essentially a plastic paint, and it would certainly not be advised...

Where can I dispose of old spray paint?

The first concern when it comes to recycling spray paint is that the paint can (if not completely empty) is under high pressure. This can be danger...

How to tell if paint has expired

Paint doesn’t last forever (properly stored oil-based paints last up to 15 years; 10 years for latex). You can first check whether your paint is still good with the sniff test: Paint that has expired will have a strong rancid smell to it.

Where to donate it

If you are looking to donate (non-expired) paint, make sure to first check whether an organization wants or needs it before you start lugging cans around town. Many non-profits, including Goodwill, do not accept leftover paint for donation. But there are a few options you can look into if you’d rather donate than dispose:

How to dispose of latex paint

If no one wants your paint (or it’s expired), it’s time to dispose of it properly. Before you do anything, check your local municipality’s regulations regarding paint disposal. In some areas, you will need to take latex paint to an approved drop-off location; in other areas, you are permitted to dry it out and dispose of it yourself.

How to dispose of oil-based paint

Oil-based paint is considered hazardous household material and must be disposed of either through a government program or a hazardous waste vendor.

Can you put acrylic paint down the drain?

The reason is that acrylic is essentially a plastic paint, and it would certainly not be advised to put any plastics down the drain. Every time acrylic paints are rinsed small particles of plastic get in the water, creating an acrylic sludge over time.

Does Lowes recycle paint?

Lowes Paint Recycling: When it comes to paint recycling, Lowes does not offer paint disposal services as a corporate policy. However, some individual store locations might maintain a different policy when it comes to paint recycling so it certainly can’t hurt to reach out to the Lowes store in your area and ask.

Why is painting murals important?

Painting murals together with youth is valuable in and of itself; it beautifies and strengthens their connection to a space, it builds relationships, and it allows for creative expression of what's important to them . This value is amplified when the materials used, such as the upcycled paint available through the PaintShare program, directly supports the message of the work, creating impactful full-circle projects.

What is product care recycling?

Product Care Recycling also provides paint to community partners like mural festival, schools and artists for large-scale collaborations. We’d love to work with you to promote your PaintShare project in your community to encourage environmental sustainability.

What is site locator?

The site locator can help the general public in other states too, and includes a comprehensive listing of locations throughout the United States that accept leftover paint from the public.

Does Paintcare accept paint?

In PaintCare states (those with paint stewardship programs) the PaintCare site locator lists all of the retailers and household hazardous waste facilities who have partnered with PaintCare to accept leftover paint from the public.

Find or donate building materials at your local Habitat ReStore

Looking for new and gently used building supplies? Have some leftover materials from a recent home remodel you’re ready to donate? Whether you are looking to shop or donate building materials, Habitat ReStore can help. Use the search below to find and contact the store closest to you.

What building materials can you find at your local Habitat ReStore?

Make Habitat ReStore your first stop for shopping! You’ll find items and deals you won’t find at other home repair stores.

What building materials donations does Habitat ReStore accept?

Your local Habitat ReStore likely accepts a wide variety of new and gently used home building materials. Many donations come from home renovation projects.