where to donate to stop asian hate

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Donate to the AAPI Community Fund. GoFundMe has compiled a comprehensive list of verified donation pages on its platform to support victims of anti-Asian hate crimes, provide safety resources to the AAPI community, and advance research into the increased violence.

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What is the stop Asian hate fund?

Mar 03, 2022 · 71 different organizations and funds that directly benefit the Asian community, including Send Chinatown Love, Welcome to Chinatown, Stop AAPI Hate, Heart of Dinner, Mekong, Cameron House, Korean...

Where can I donate to save our Chinatowns?

Mar 17, 2021 · Projects include Anti-Asian Harassment and violence campaigns, as well as fighting for equal pay for AAPI women. Donate to the National Asian Pacific Women’s Forum

Where can I donate to fight sexual violence against Asian Americans?

Mar 23, 2021 · Hey friends! No fashion-related post today, but something much more serious. You’ve probably seen the news of the rise of Anti-Asian violence in America since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This increase in racism and xenophobia against the AAPI (Asian American/Pacific Islander) community is in large part due to the blame of the pandemic being …

How can you help stop anti-Asian hate?

Mar 17, 2021 · According to research released by Stop AAPI Hate, 68 percent of the attacks nearly 3,800 incidents were reported during the pandemic, of which 68 percent of the victims were Asian women. It's the ...


Victim memorial funds

Donations will go toward supporting the families of victims of anti-Asian racism and violence, including Yong Yue, Xiaojie “Emily” Tan, Suncha Kim, Hyun Jung Kim, and Ngoc Pham.

Community-restoration organizations

Donations will go toward rebuilding and supporting businesses and other parts of Asian communities that have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic or economic recession.

Community-enrichment organizations

Donations will go toward arts, technical, or other programs for Asian people.

How many Asian women died in Atlanta in 2021?

On the night of March 16, 2021, six Asian women were killed in a series of shootings at several spas in Atlanta, shaking the community to its core.

What is the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance?

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance is the only national organization of Asian American and Pacific Island workers. The group addresses workplace issues and advocates for members’ civil and human rights. You can donate here and find protest and organizing resources here.

Why was Cosmos founded?

The Cosmos was founded by two women to provide a safe space for other Asian and BIPOC women. The group’s mission is to educate and empower Asian women across the country. You can learn about the community values here.

What is Asian American Journalists Association?

Asian American Journalists Association works to bring together Asian journalists and professionals to diversify newsrooms and ensure equal and fair media coverage. You can find the donation page here and the resources page here.

What is the Japanese American Citizens League?

Japanese American Citizens League is a national organization that aims to secure and safeguard the civil and human rights of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans — particularly those affected by injustice and bigotry. Please donate here.

What is Womankind's mission?

Womankind was the first helpline and lifeline established for Asian domestic violence survivors on the East Coast. Here is Womankind’s donation page. The Visibility Project is a national portrait and video collection dedicated to the queer Asian American women and transgender community.

What is Apex for Youth?

Apex for Youth works to help underserved Asian and immigrant youth from low-income families in New York City. In The Know covered the organization’s work here and you can donate to Apex here.

What is the #StopAsianHate campaign?

Curated by AAPI advocacy and activist leaders and organizations like CAPE and Gold House, this fundraiser, #StopAsianHate, aims to combat the surge in anti-Asian harassment and hate crimes and “amplify AAPI voices and find ways to uplift, empower, and protect the AAPI community.” The fundraiser has surpassed its original $500,000 goal, and is now seeking to reach $1 million to put toward its work. Tap here to donate.

What is Stop AAPi Hate?

The organization behind the aforementioned report about anti-Asian violence, Stop AAPI Hate is an essential project that puts numbers behind stories, forcing the United States to face the fact that this is an ongoing issue that requires our attention. They also provide an outlet for people to report. Tap here to donate and support their efforts.

Who is Russell Jeung?

Russell Jeung, a professor of Asian American studies at San Francisco State University, told NBC Asian America, “There is an intersectional dynamic going on that others may perceive both Asians and women and Asian women as easier targets.”.

What is Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta?

Founded in 2010, Asian Americans Advancing Justice–Atlanta is a nonprofit legal advocacy organization that seeks to protect the civil rights of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AAN HPI) in Georgia and the Southeast.

What is Asian Mental Health Collective?

Mental-health treatment remains stigmatized in many places, but the Asian Mental Health Collective seeks to specifically help members of the Asian diaspora address mental -health concerns, access therapists, and highlight strategies for coping and connecting; their site offers a resource library, a video series, and links to Facebook and meetup groups. Tap here to donate.

What is Asian American law?

Asian Americans Advancing Justice–Asian Law Caucus is the oldest organization serving the Asian American community in the United States. Based in San Francisco, it organizes in the Bay Area for tenant rights, organizes across California for criminal-justice reform and rights for immigrants, and organizes across the United States for policies that expand on voting and other civil rights. Tap here to donate.

What is the Asian Pacific Fund?

Focused on the Asian and Pacific Islander community in the Bay Area, the Asian Pacific Fund launched a COVID-19 Recovery Fund in 2020, ultimately awarding $1.25 million in grants to area nonprofit organizations. In 2021, the fund continues onward with the aim of addressing the COVID-related unemployment ...

What is Save Our Chinatowns?

Save Our Chinatowns is “a grassroots initiative passionate about supporting Chinatown communities in the Bay Area through art, conversation, and shared love of food.” Their goal is “to build on our efforts in creating art and culture focused initiatives to benefit our beloved Chinatowns.”

What is Asian Americans Advancing Justice?

Founded in 1991, Asian Americans Advancing Justice’s mission is to “advance civil and human rights for Asian Americans and to build and promote a fair and equitable society for all.”

What is the AAPI Women's Movement?

The AAPI Women Lead and #ImReady Movement, “aims to strengthen the progressive political and social platforms of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the US through the leadership of self-identified AAPI women and girls.” Their goal “is to challenge and help end the intersections of violence against and within our communities.”

What is Asian American feminist collective?

Founded in 2018, the Asian American Feminist Collective seeks to “address the multi-dimensional ways Asian/American people confront systems of power at the intersection of race, gender, class, sexuality, religion, disability, migration history and citizenship and immigration status.”.

What is the Asian American Journalists Association?

The Asian American Journalists Association aims “to bring together journalists and media professionals to advance diversity in newsrooms and ensure fair and accurate coverage of communities of color.”. Donate to the Asian American Journalists Association. Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

What is the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund?

Founded in 1974, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund focuses on “critical issues affecting Asian Americans including immigrant rights, vot ing rights and democracy, economic justice for workers, educational equity, housing and environmental justice, and the elimination of anti-Asian violence, police misconduct, and human trafficking.”

What is Asian Mental Health Project?

The Asian Mental Health Project aims to “educate and empower Asian communities in seeking mental healthcare.” Their website offers different resources and they hope to provide live events and community engagement opportunities catered to the needs of its audience in the future.

How old was Robert Long when he was arrested?

TOUGHER THAN EVER. A 21-year-old white male named Robert Aaron Long has been arrested in connection to a mass shooting that took place in Atlanta yesterday and killed eight people, including at least six Asian women. Per the BBC, four of the victims were of Korean descent.

What did the Atlanta shootings show?

The Atlanta shootings, along with the hundreds of cases of racist violence against Asians, show just how vicious anti-Asian xenophobia has become. This cannot be tolerated, this cannot go on, we all need to do our part to stop the hate before it takes more lives.

Safety for the AAPI community fundraisers

Verified fundraisers providing increased protection and security for AAPI communities

Support your local AAPI neighborhood fundraisers

Visit us at Send Chinatown Love! Our merchants: Shunfa Bakery, New Win, Wing Hi…

Support AAPI organizations

The AAPI Community Fund will benefit a growing list of organizations, including these, for their leadership in the AAPI community:

To be Asian is an Honor

Celebrate the joy and accomplishments of the AAPI community found in everyday moments. GS&P and GoFundMe come together in solidarity to showcase Asian honor in all its beauty. Featuring 55 hand-painted pieces of art hanging throughout the Bay Area, the “To be Asian is an Honor” collection showcases the honor it is to be Asian.

Fighting Hate

The aforementioned leaders are unaffiliated with individual fundraisers.

What to do if you witness an anti-Asian hate crime?

If you witness or are targeted in an anti-Asian hate crime, or if you have any further information about another ongoing investigation, report it immediately to your local police, then file a report with the FBI. file a report.

When will Asian American hate crimes end?

According to a new report from Stop AAPI (Asian American/Pacific Islander) Hate, between mid-March 2020 and the end of February 2021, the organization received almost 3,800 reports ...

What is Stop AAPi hate?

Stop AAPI Hate compiles reports of hate crimes against the Asian community throughout the U.S., provides support to victims of these crimes, and produces reports on these incidents that help advocate for social and political protections for the community.

How many Asian women were killed in the Atlanta shooting?

Hate crimes against Asian-Americans have skyrocketed in the last year. On the evening of March 16, a white man went on a shooting spree through three massage parlors in the Atlanta area and killed eight people, six of them Asian women. The crimes have further traumatized the Asian-American community, which has already been the target ...

What is Asian American advocacy fund?

The Asian American Advocacy Fund is a Georgia-based nonprofit advocating for the AAPI community in the state. "Our vision is a Georgia where Asian Americans', Pacific Islanders', and Native Hawaiians' voices are represented in elected leadership and progressive policies across the state."

What is the Asian Mental Health Collective?

"It is apparent that there is a generational and cultural rift in many Asian families, with mental health woven through both overt confrontations and unspoken grievances as a result. AMHC hopes to help bridge those divides."

What is GoFundMe for?

GoFundMe has compiled a comprehensive list of verified donation pages on its platform to support victims of anti-Asian hate crimes, provide safety resources to the AAPI community, and advance research into the increased violence. The site has also launched the AAPI Community Fund, which will provide grants to AAPI advocacy organizations across the country.