which restaurants donate food

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6 restaurants that donate their food at the end of the day
  • Le Bernardin is passionate about hunger. ...
  • Starbucks has donated over five million meals. ...
  • Pret A Manger has donated over 800,000 meals. ...
  • Panera Bread doesn't let food go to waste. ...
  • Pizza Hut has donated over 100 million pounds of food.
Aug 3, 2018

Should restaurants donate excess food?

Jun 05, 2015 · Own’s 40 different restaurant chains with 450 locations including Landry’s Seafood, Chart House, Saltgrass Steak House, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Claim Jumper, Morton’s Steakhouse, McCormick & Schmick’s, Mastro’s Restaurants and the Rainforest Cafe. Supports charitable organizations in our restaurants’ local communities.

What restaurants donate to charity?

The possibilities are more or less endless, but common types of donations that come from restaurateurs to charitable organizations include: Food. Staff time and services (such as catering or delivery) A flat amount of money. A percentage of a particular day/evening’s food sales. The profits from a particular dish.

Who distributes food to fast food restaurants?

Where can you donate food donations?


Which fast food chain donates the most to charity?

McDonald's McDonald's is one of the most widely recognized brand names in the world, so it only makes sense that Ronald McDonald House Charities is one of the most widely recognized charitable organizations as well.Dec 10, 2014

What do restaurants do with leftover food?

The majority of restaurants opt to donate uneaten food to the homeless, food banks or food recovery programmes. It can also be given to charities that'll distribute the food among the needy. Supermarkets are also doing the same, all in a bid to minimise food waste which, in turn, helps the environment.

Why do restaurants throw away food instead of donating?

There are two main reasons why restaurants throw away food. Either the food has been spoiled and it isn't edible anymore or because of the government's health and safety standards which need to be carefully monitored.

What does Chick-Fil-A do with leftover food?

After Chick-fil-A Team Members package and send the surplus food, the organizations then are able to incorporate it into the meals they serve weekly. To date, our partner organizations have served 10 million meals to those in need from food donated through the Chick-fil-A Shared Table program.Jul 23, 2021

Is it okay to throw away food?

CALIFORNIA, USA — Consider yourself warned: Starting Jan. 1, 2022, throwing food scraps, coffee grinds and dirty pizza boxes in the trash is illegal in California – and violators could be fined. It's part of a push from state leaders to lessen the load at our landfills and reduce greenhouse gasses.Jun 29, 2021

Do restaurants use old food?

Restaurants tend to just throw these foods away, unless they can be delivered directly to those in need (in the case of complete dishes), or delivered while still warm, like soup. Fish that's been cooked and unserved, however, heads to the trash.May 29, 2014

Does Dunkin Donuts throw away food?

Yes, Dunkin' throws away all of the unused food at the end of the day. It is wasteful, but don't try to take complete advantage of it. Plenty of times customers come in minutes before closing asking for doughnuts but not wanting to pay since “it's going to trash anyway.” Well, it's still store hours so you have to pay.

How much food do restaurants throw away?

According to a recent report, a half a pound of food is wasted per meal in restaurants, whether it's from what is left on a customer's plate, or in the kitchen itself. Approximately 85% of the food that isn't used in a typical American restaurant is thrown out while only a small percentage is recycled or donated.Jun 20, 2017

Why do supermarkets throw away food?

Grocery stores throw away food when they're close to their expiry dates. This is done to prevent customers from getting food poisoning from expired food items. So while you may think donating all that food to the streets is an act of kindness, it could actually be endangering someone's life.Jun 6, 2021

Is there something wrong with Chick-fil-A Nuggets?

While these out-of-stock nuggets may simply be the result of major supply shortages that have plagued just about every fast food chain in recent weeks, some Chick-fil-A employees have made claims that the nuggets are actually gone because they have been recalled by the company.Sep 14, 2021

Who does Chick-fil-A partner with?

Los Angeles area Chick-fil-A® restaurants named official partner of the LA Galaxy. Chick-fil-A® franchisees in the Los Angeles market are teaming up with five-time MLS Cup champions the LA Galaxy as an official partner to coincide with the start of the 2016 MLS regular season, which kicked off on March 6.Mar 7, 2016

What is Chick-fil-A franchise fee?

a $10,000 franchiseChick-fil-A pays (almost) every startup cost. Because Chick-fil-A wants to maintain ownership of the franchise, the company chooses the location, buys the real estate, constructs the restaurant and purchases the equipment. All you have to pay is a $10,000 franchise fee.May 5, 2021

How much food does Le Bernardin donate?

Lauded as one of America’s best restaurants, New York City’s Michelin-starred Le Bernardin actually donates more than 40,000 pounds of food annually to City Harvest, the city’s largest food rescue organization, according to the team at Le Bernardin.

How much food did Cosme donate?

In the past month alone, Cosme donated 162 pounds of food, which totals about 135 meals worth, according to their team. These donations, being diverted from the landfill, saved an estimated 60 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

What are some of the foods that people can eat at Le Bernardin?

Often this includes chicken and rice, seafood stews, Bolognese and sides such as salads, potatoes, and grilled vegetables.

How much food waste is there in the US?

In the US, food waste is estimated at between 30-40% of our food supply, estimated at around 72 billion-133 billion pounds of wasted food each year, according to the USDA.

Where is Enrique Olvera's restaurant?

Enrique Olvera’s lauded fine-dining Mexican restaurant in New York City works with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, which picks up leftover prepared foods three times a week in the morning where the food is donated to shelters and soup kitchens.

Does Panera have bear claws?

No bear claw, cinnamon roll, or baguette goes to waste here. Panera packages any unsold bread, bagels, and pastries at the end of the via their "Day-End Doughnation" program to donate to local hunger relief and charitable organizations.

Does Starbucks donate food?

In partnership with Feeding America and City Harvest, Starbucks has been rescuing 100% of food available to donate from all of their US stores including breakfast sandwiches, paninis, Bistro Boxes and salads through Starbucks FoodShare. To date they have donated more than five million meals, according to Starbucks.

Fogo de Chao Donation Request

Gift cards | 42 day notice | No preferred causes Fogo de Chão is a full-service Brazilian steakhouse or churrascaria, serving rodízio style, notable for its roving waiters who serve barbecued meats from large skewers directly onto the seated diners' plates.

Chipotle Donation Request

Gift card and food | 501c3 | Prefers Children, Education, Local Community, Environment & Sustainability Chipotle is an American restaurant chain that serves a simple menu of Mexican-inspired food. They are known for their "build-your-own-meal" restaurant model.

Burger King Donation Request

Gift card, food, and raffle items | 30 day notice | No preferred causes Burger King is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.

Benihana Donation Request

Gift card | 501c3 | No preferred causes Benihana is an American restaurant company. At Benihana, it's not just a meal, it's an experience. Enjoy teppanyaki favorites like Hibachi Steak, Chicken and Shrimp, as well as sushi and sashimi.


Gift card, food Chick-fil-A is an American fast-food chain, best known for their fried chicken sandwiches and signature Chick-fil-A® Sauce. Their first store was established in Georgia in 1946, and they have since expanded to include locations across 47 states.

How much food has McDonald's donated?

McDonald’s has donated nearly 3 million pounds of food, including 1.2 million pounds of beef, to organizations around the country. The chain is also giving away free meals to first responders for the next two weeks.

How much milk does Starbucks donate?

The chain is donating a second meal for every customer-sponsored meal. Starbucks has donated more than 700,000 meals, 62,000 gallons of milk and 1 million cans of Teavana tea in the U.S. and Canada, and its foundation has donated $1.25 million to organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

How many pizzas does Domino's give away?

Domino’s Pizza is giving away 10 million slices of pizza cross the country, giving each store the ability to donate 200 pizzas within its local communities. Papa John’s has donated about 200,000 pizzas, or about 1.6 million slices, to healthcare workers, first responders and families in need across the country.

Do restaurants give away food?

Restaurants have been giving away an overwhelming amount of food in recent weeks. Since states began closing off dining rooms last month, draining many concepts of sales, operators of all types—from giant chains to small local restaurants—have given out free food to workers, from hospitality workers laid off from their jobs to healthcare workers ...

Does White Castle give free meals?

White Castle has been giving away one free combo meal this month to healthcare workers and EMTs who show their work badge at the drive-thru. Chick-fil-A, the Atlanta-based chicken sandwich chain, is establishing a $10.8 million community relief effort for local operators to assist their communities.

What restaurants have fundraisers for schools?

Here are some of our favorite restaurants that offer school fundraisers. 1. Chipotle. Chipotle helps public and private K–12 schools by hosting in-restaurant fundraisers, making for a fun night out with the fam that also supports your school.

What is the dining for dollars program?

2. Bertucci’s. Dining for Dollars is Bertucci’s program for giving back to schools and nonprofits. On the night of your event—typically a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening—guests present the Dining for Dollars flyer, and 15 percent of the check goes to your school.

What is Houlihan's known for?

Houlihan’s. Houlihan’s is known for its freshly made American cuisine and a chic but casual sit-down atmosphere. Many of its 100 or so locations participate in “dine to donate” fundraisers with local schools. All requests are handled at the grassroots level, so reach out to the general manager at your local Houlihan’s.

What are the types of donations that restaurateurs make to charitable organizations?

The possibilities are more or less endless, but common types of donations that come from restaurateurs to charitable organizations include: Food. Staff time and services (such as catering or delivery) A flat amount of money. A percentage of a particular day/evening’s food sales. The profits from a particular dish.

What to do if you donate a dish?

If you do decide to donate the profits from a dish or evening’s meals, be sure to keep accurate records, but also promote, promote, promote. Advertising the charitable promotion will give your community an opportunity to boost your efforts and make the good will connection they feel even stronger.

Why is charitable work important?

Charitable work is a great way to keep your employees engaged and excited about the work they do at your restaurant, especially at such a difficult time of year.

Why is it important to contribute to worthy causes?

At the end of the day, the best reason to contribute to worthy causes — at this time of year or any other — is because it just feels good to help other people. Your success is a gift that you can pay forward to those in need, and believe me, nothing feels better than knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.

Does winery red wine have higher marks?

In one study conducted by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, consumers were told that a particular winery had donated to the American Heart Association. They subsequently rated that winery’s red wine with higher marks for taste than consumers who were not given that information.

Is it bad to have extra deductions?

As the year ends and your tax bill mounts, it’s not the worst thing to have a few extra deductions under your belt. However, be very careful in recording and reporting to the IRS. The last thing you want to do is have good deeds lead to serious complications for your business.

Is it good to see your employer contributing to the less fortunate?

It’s easy to get run down on serving busy patrons, but seeing their employer contributing to making things better for the less fortunate can be a real boon to morale. The tax benefits of contributing money or goods to charitable organizations can be considerable as well.

How to set up a fundraiser for a restaurant?

Here's how to set up the event and get the best results possible. Start planning your fundraiser at least 30 days in advance. Work with your group to pick a couple of dates for the fundraisers. Restaurants will want to do them during the week, so make sure you have dates on Monday through Thursday.

How to make a restaurant fundraiser successful?

One way to make your restaurant fundraiser a success is to advertise early and often. Make sure your organization knows the date and talks about it for a couple of weeks.

How much does Foster's give back?

A fundraising event for your school, organization or charity can earn 15% of the sales. Foster's "Dining for Dollars" program will give back 10% to your non-profit organization. Foster's Grille has family restaurants in Virginia, Florida, Maryland, and North Carolina.

What factors drive the success of an event?

Each organization has a different experience at different restaurants. I found proximity to the organization, the night of the fundraiser, and the time of year are all factors that drive the success of an event. You will learn each time which restaurants your organization will attend or won't attend.

Where is Elmer's Restaurant located?

Not all Elmer's Restaurants participate in Restaurant Nights, so be sure to call your local Elmer's in the states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California. 54th Street. 54th Street restaurants are located in St Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, and San Antonio and Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas.

Does Tri City Foods donate to Burger King?

Tri-City Foods operates Burger King restaurants in six Midwestern states. They donate 20% of event sales (from a limited menu) to your not-for-profit organization. California Pizza Kitchen. CPK advertises 20% back through their fundraisers. CPK also has a great Scout program, where Scouts can make their own pizzas.

Is Culver's BBQ kid friendly?

Culver's. Culver's restaurants are usually locally owned and the owners are usually kid friendly. Dreamland BBQ. An easy, unique and fast money making fundraiser for your group. Dreamland BBQ is here to create a delicious alternative to magazine subscription and wrapping paper fundraisers.