“you may save a life if you donate your organs.” what type of supporting material is this known as?

by Ahmed Toy 8 min read

What is the function of supporting materials?

Supporting materials serve a variety of functions in oral presentations: to clarify the speaker's point, to emphasize the point, to make the point more interesting, and to furnish a basis that enables others to believe the speaker's point.

What is the function of supporting material quizlet?

Supporting material :consists of the ideas, information, and opinions that help you explain and/or advance your speech's purpose and key points. Helps you inform, persuade, entertain, and inspire your audience. A fact is a verifiable observation, experience, or event known to be true.

When used as supporting material in a speech examples can?

Terms in this set (10) List five reasons why support materials are important in a speech. Support materials can develop and illustrate ideas, clarify ideas, make a speech more interesting, help listeners remember key ideas, and help prove an assertion.Dec 12, 2021

What type of example offers a single illustration of a point group of answer choices?

A hypothetical example is a fictional example that you or someone else has created to illustrate your point.Feb 5, 2022

What kind of supporting material should you include in your speech quizlet?

The materials used to support a speaker's ideas. The three major kinds of supporting materials are , examples, statistics, and testimony. A specific case used to illustrate or represent a group of people, ideas, conditions, experiences, or the like. You just studied 24 terms!

How might you use each kind to support your ideas?

How might you use each kind to support your ideas?...Quote or paraphrase accurately.Use testimony from qualified sources.Use testimony from unbiased sources.Identify the people you quote or paraphrase.

Which type of supporting material is useful because it helps to dramatize a topic and get the audience to identify with the speech content?

According to your textbook, testimony dramatizes a topic and helps the audience identify with the speaker's ideas.

What are types of supporting materials in a speech?

7.2 – Types of Supporting Materials. Essentially, there are seven types of supporting materials: examples, narratives, definitions, descriptions, historical and scientific fact, statistics, and testimony.

What is the most common type of support material used in public speeches?

Testimony. The final type of supporting material is testimony. A testimony is an endorsement or point of view from a person who is credible and connected to your topic. Most speeches will include expert testimony from someone who is authoritative on the topic to add weight to your points.

Which type of example offers a multifaceted illustration of a point group of answer choices?

What type of example offers a multifaceted illustration of a point?Organizing the message, choosing words, and sentence structures, and verbalizing the message is termed encodingTrueWhich type of example offers a multifaceted illustration of a pointextendedGeneral encyclopedias delve deeply into one subject areaFalseDec 1, 2021

What are point group give at least 2 examples?

Point groups in two dimensions, sometimes called rosette groups. They come in two infinite families: Cyclic groups Cn of n-fold rotation groups. Dihedral groups Dn of n-fold rotation and reflection groups.

What is d2h point group?

The D2h Point Group This point group contains the following symmetry operations: E the identity operation. C2 a twofold principal symmetry axis. 2 * C2 two twofold symmetry axes orthogonal to the principal axis. i inversion through a center of symmetry.

How to attach a file to a chat?

Attach a file to a chat. In any chat, select Attach beneath the box where you type your message and then follow the cues to locate and attach your file. Or you can drag a file from your computer's file directory to the message.

How to view files in Microsoft Teams?

You'll have three views to choose from: 1 The Recent view displays the files you've recently viewed or edited. 2 Microsoft Teams displays all the files recently created or edited in your channels. 3 Downloads contains the files you've downloaded from Teams since your last sign-in.

Can you share files in teams?

Share files throughout Teams. You can share files (of any type) with your teammates in chats, channels, and meetings. Everyone involved will be able to view the file, collaborate on it (if you set the file permissions for collaboration), and download it if they want to keep a personal copy. There are three ways to share a file: attaching it ...

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