how much does conscious step donate

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Conscious Step donates $1 per pair for each Protect Animals Gift Box sold. Support clean water systems with our safe water 3-pack of blue, light grey, and dark grey ankle socks that feature a droplet embroidery plus extra arch support and padding for supreme comfort.

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How much does conscious step cost?

We recommend washing with cold water and drying on low heat. This helps reduce shrinkage and energy consumption, that’s good for the socks and for the planet! What are Conscious Step socks made of? Our socks are composed of 75% Fairtrade …

How much do donations increase with contactless technology?

OUR PROCESS IS SIMPLE & TRANSPARENT We take an everyday product that we all buy and wear. We manufacture it responsibly, with a focus on comfort, durability and aesthetics. And we partner it with the most effective and impactful organizations providing solutions to the world's biggest problems. For every pair you b

How much money was donated to charities in 2017?

Dec 07, 2015 · Conscious Step was founded in 2013 by finance professional, Prashant Mehta, Hassan Ahmad,a medical doctor, and Adam Long, an industrial designer and marketing strategist. Concerned with the lack of awareness and the gravity of issues faced by their generation, they sought to create a way for the conscious individual to support global solutions ...

How can charities and nonprofits increase donations?


How much money does Conscious Step donate?

How much is donated per product? We donate $1 per pair, $1 per candle and $5 per sweatshirt to our nonprofit partner.

Is Conscious Step a good charity?

Overall rating: Good Conscious Step is rated Good.

Who owns Conscious Step?

Prashant M. - Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Conscious Step | LinkedIn.

Who owns Conscious Step socks?

Prashant MehtaIn Episode 12 of the Disruptors for Good podcast I speak with Prashant Mehta, the Founder and CEO of Conscious Step, a social enterprise creating comfortable and beautiful socks that support social good causes with every pair sold.Jun 19, 2019

Is conscious step ethical?

Conscious Step uses Fair Trade certified for all of their products. Their factory is annually audited by recognized independent groups to ensure products are being produced ethically.Mar 28, 2021


Hassan was a medical doctor interning at the World Health Organisation. Here he learned of the development framework agreed upon by all nations in the world, the eight Millennium Development Goals.


Adam was a marketing strategist and director of Engineers Without Borders. Here he saw an opportunity for non-profits to pursue their mission with new vigour if the load of fundraising and awareness building could be relieved.


Prashant was a finance and microfinance expert who left the promise of a career on Wall St in pursuit of meaningful work abroad. Here he realized that convenience and recognition were effective levers in inspiring action toward the causes people held dear to their hearts - and that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones.