how to donate seeds to a seed bank

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Before you send the seeds please submit a seed submission form, including as much information as possible about the seeds you are donating by completing the online form. (If preferred, send us an email, or written details enclosed with the seed).

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Can you donate seeds to the seed vault?

The Seed Vault often receives offers for seed donations and also offers of voluntary seed collecting and for voluntary work in different supporting projects. Yes, individuals can help.

What is seed donation?

Community Seed Donations Groups that qualify for seed donations include: Community and educational groups who will freely share the harvest. Community and educational groups who will save seed for others in need. Non-profits, schools, community gardens, seed libraries and educational programs.

How do I start a seed bank?

2:598:46How to Create a Seed Bank at Home - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe important thing to do is to save your seeds in glass jars a lot of people save their seeds inMoreThe important thing to do is to save your seeds in glass jars a lot of people save their seeds in paper or in plastic. And when you do that you are allowing moisture into your your jar or your packet.

What is a local seed bank?

A community seedbank is locally designed, locally managed, and helps farming communities be more self-sufficient. Community members lead decisions about how they want to recognize local knowledge, share the benefits of local agricultural biodiversity and strengthen their own seed systems.Jul 8, 2014

How do I get heirloom seeds for free?

Many public libraries now have seed libraries, where you can pick out free heirloom seeds to grow in your garden. They just ask that you save some of the seeds from your harvest, and return them to the seed library, so more gardeners can grow them next year.Apr 9, 2019

Does Baker Creek seeds ship to Canada?

Shipping to international locations may take 6-8 weeks. You are responsible for all customs/other importation fees & taxes. International orders (except Canada) will be limited to 10 packets of seeds per order. There will be a $12.00 flat shipping fee for all orders shipped outside the USA.

What are the longest lasting seeds?

Beans, like the Chocolate Runners, are among the longest storing seeds, often sprouting after a century in ideal storage conditions.Jan 13, 2020

How do you make a seed vault?

Place the envelope in a plastic zip bag and zip the bag shut, squeezing out as much air as possible. You can also use a Food-saver and vacuum seal them. Place the bag with the seeds into the back of the freezer where it won't be disturbed. If you keep your seed in a cool place they will last up to 10 years.Jul 16, 2020

How do you store seeds long term?

Once you've found a way to keep your seeds cool, you'll need to find a way to keep them dry. Mason jars and other glass containers are great options for seed storage so long as they are sealable. Ziplock bags, freezer bags and other plastic containers are also great options.Jul 22, 2021

What are the disadvantages of seed banks?

Seed banks take up little space, but can be expensive to run, both because of the need to maintain low temperatures and the necessity for germination tests, growth trials and regeneration. They are not suitable for species with recalcitrant seeds.

Does the United States have a seed bank?

You need access to a secure database to find out what's inside. The seed vault in Fort Collins, Colo., houses genetic material from across the globe. To the right of the large, gray metal vault doors, a TV screen shows a live stream of the seed vault.Aug 13, 2013

Is there any need of seed banking?

Seeds hold the power to regenerate species, promote biodiversity and enable ecosystems to adapt to an ever-changing world. These are primary reasons why it's necessary to preserve the seed, and it is this need through which the concept of 'seed bank' emerged.

What is a community seed bank?

A community seed bank is a place where seeds are available for community members to share. The seeds can be seeds from local gardeners and farmers, donated by seed companies, or a combination of both. Seed banks can also be a place where gardeners and farmers can:

What is seed swap?

A seed swap is the perfect antidote to cabin fever in the winter, and there’s little doubt you’ll have trouble attracting people to an event where you are giving things away for free. While the people are perusing through and collecting their seeds, make sure to have flyers for future events, seed bank hours, seed starting information and sign-up sheets for those who are interested in volunteering to help.

When is the best time to start a garden?

If you get seed catalogs, you may notice they arrive just after the new year, when the holidays are over and winter really sets in. After weeks or months of being mainly indoors , the idea of starting a garden is appealing to many people, even those who have never done so before.

Do seed banks have rules?

There are no set rules about where, when and how community seed banks operate. If you’re able to share seed and educate the community about the importance of saving seeds, preserving food diversity and sharing local seed varieties, you have met the goals of a seed bank.

Past Donations Made to TomatoFest Seed Bank

A monetary donation made to maintain the TomatoFest Seed Bank to assist in preserving the biodiversity of rare heirloom tomato varieties.


From: Lauren, Laurie and Brooke Zimet#N#Seeds Gift directed to: Linda, David Owen and Betsy Schwartz, Suffern, NY#N#In Loving memory & Celebration of Dr. Jesse Ellman.#N#Jesse enjoyed life as an avid tomato gardener.


From: Jo-Ann & Lee Lechner, Long Island, NY#N#Seeds Gift directed to: Jacki & Ray Fedynak, Bellmore, NY#N#In Loving memory & Celebration of Elaine Agnes Vaccarro.#N#Elaine enjoyed the life of a master gardener who loved growing and harvesting her tomatoes and other vegetables.