juneteenth where to donate

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The donations should be mailed to: The City of Troy, Ohio Office of City Director 100 S Market St. Troy, Ohio 45373 Please indicate on the envelope & check that it is for the Juneteenth Troy Event.

Charities to Support:
  • ACLU.
  • NAACP.
  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund.
  • NBCDI National Black Child Development Institute.
  • NOBLE National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.
  • Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
Jun 16, 2021

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How can you honor Juneteenth?

Not sure how to celebrate Juneteenth in 2020? Here is a list of organizations you can donate to in observance of Juneteenth, from prison abolition activists like the Prison Policy Initiative, to ...

What if you can’t participate in Juneteenth this year?

Jun 14, 2021 · 5 ways to celebrate Juneteenth in 2021, including Black-owned brands to support, causes to donate to, and destinations to visit Maliah West 2021-06-14T16:15:46Z

What is the Juneteenth scholarship program?

Jun 19, 2020 · Here are some ways to honor Juneteenth in meaningful and significant ways. Where to Donate: Over the past three years, Black Lives Matter DC has grown into a community of organizers, activists and artists committed to Black liberation. Learn more here on how you can donate to the causes they support.

What is Juneteenth and why is it celebrated?

Donate. Please make a donation of $18.65 or greater using our GoFundMe Page. The project is being produced by the Galveston-based Juneteenth Legacy Project. The Nia Cultural Center is the project's fiscal sponsor and will process your tax-deductible donations. Donate.


How can I help Juneteenth?

Here are six ways to do so.Learn the full history. Although June 19, 1865, marks Juneteenth, the end of slavery was not so clear-cut. ... Celebrate. ... Support Black-owned businesses. ... Acknowledge and spread the word. ... Donate to supportive organizations. ... Attend Juneteenth events.Jun 17, 2021

How can I help Juneteenth 2021?

5 ways to celebrate Juneteenth in 2021, including Black-owned brands to support, causes to donate to, and destinations to visitBuy from Black-owned businesses.Read books by Black authors about Black experiences.Eat at Black-owned restaurants.Donate to organizations that support Black communities.More items...•Jun 14, 2021

What brands are doing for Juneteenth?

Before Juneteenth became a federal holiday this week, hundreds of companies had already been observing the day that recognizes the liberation of slaves after the Civil War. To name a few, Adobe, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, Lyft, Nike, Quicken Loans, Spotify, Target and Uber all began observing Juneteenth last year.Jun 18, 2021

What color do you wear for Juneteenth?

redIt commemorates the day enslaved african-americans were freed on June 19th, 1865, ending slavery. From the foods eaten, festivals planned, and Juneteenth flag itself, there's one color that symbolizes the rich history behind the holiday—red.Jun 17, 2021

What companies are doing for Juneteenth 2021?

Juneteenth holiday 2021: What companies are doing on Juneteenth, Target, Best Buy and moreApple. Corporate employees will have a day off on Friday. ... Best Buy. Best Buy's corporate offices are closed June 18. ... Lyft. The rideshare company is giving employees a paid day off for Juneteenth.Nike. ... Starbucks. ... Target.Jun 18, 2021

What food do you eat on Juneteenth?

Often the foods you'll find at a Juneteenth celebration are symbolic: There'll be dishes that represent prosperity (collard greens, black-eyed peas), and red foods and drinks (such as hibiscus-tinged punch) that have been served at special occasions throughout the African diaspora.Jun 12, 2021

What do you eat with Juneteenth?

You can't go wrong with Southern classics like crispy, golden fried chicken and smoky collard greens. And of course, a big pot of Cajun gumbo with chicken and andouille sausage or Creole-style red jambalaya loaded with chicken, sausage, and shrimp can serve as the main event.Jun 18, 2021

How do you honor Juneteenth at work?

6 Ways to Recognize Juneteenth in Your WorkplaceHave your employees share their personal reflections. ... Consider giving your employees paid time off. ... Participate in local events. ... Invite guest speakers. ... Provide opportunities for reflection and giving. ... Transparently share Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.Jun 17, 2021

Do we get holiday pay for Juneteenth?

For employers, the most important thing to know about Juneteenth and any other federal holiday is that the laws creating the holidays provide holiday pay only to federal government employees.Jul 2, 2021

Will we get off work for Juneteenth?

President Joe Biden signed a bill Thursday making June 19—Juneteenth—a federal holiday. Most federal employees will have it as a paid day off; workers at some private employers, such as Allstate, Citigroup, JC Penney, Nike, Target and Twitter, already do.Jun 18, 2021

Does Amazon discontinue Juneteenth?

A survey of the area's largest employers reveals that most are not offering Juneteenth as a companywide paid holiday this year. That list includes Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, and Nordstrom, the last of which added MLK Day to its list of companywide holidays in 2021.Jun 18, 2021

Which states do not recognize Juneteenth?

According to the Congressional Research Service, a government body that provides research to inform lawmakers, South Dakota is the only US state that does not have a law to mark the celebration of Juneteenth. The most recent states to add a law recognizing the holiday are Hawaii and North Dakota.Jun 18, 2021

What does Juneteenth symbolize?

Juneteenth is a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. It is also called Emancipation Day or Juneteenth Independence Day. The name “Juneteenth” references the date of the holiday, combining the words “June” and “nineteenth.”Mar 4, 2022

Why do we drink red drinks on Juneteenth?

Another essential addition to the Juneteenth culinary tradition is red drinks, a staple across the diaspora. “Red is a color that evokes cultural memory of the bloodshed by our enslaved ancestors through the transatlantic slave trade,” says Miller.Jun 16, 2021

What is Juneteenth about?

Juneteenth is about a spirit of renewal that celebrates freedom and opportunity. Absolute equality is not about equal results but about creating a society that supports all to become their very best selves. to benefit the collective community. Meet Our Sponsors.

What is the Juneteenth Legacy Project?

The Juneteenth Legacy Project is a community-driven initiative recontextualizing Juneteenth as a pivotal moment in U.S. history while properly telling the story of its genesis, and historical and contemporary relevance.

Who painted the Juneteenth mural?

Here's more on our community-driven initiative: We’ve created “ABSOLUTE EQUALITY,” a 5,000 square foot mural on the site where Juneteenth originated—painted by world-renown artist Reginald Adams.

How many states observe Juneteenth?

Forty-six states and Washington, D.C., observe Juneteenth as a holiday, but Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana do not. This petition is urging people to sign so the president and the United States Congress can make Juneteenth a *national* holiday so we can all celebrate “freedom for all.”. It currently has more than 300,000 signatures.

When was Juneteenth first celebrated?

Texas was the first to make Juneteenth a state holiday, in 1980 . https://t.co/n3aAco0rVn. — The Associated Press (@AP) June 17, 2020.

What is Juneteenth Independence Day?

As a result, Juneteenth became known as the day when enslaved people truly gained their freedom. Fun fact: It’s also sometimes referred to as Juneteenth Independence Day, Freedom Day, or Emancipation Day. Okay, now that you’re brushed up on your American history, here’s how you can actively participate in Juneteenth.

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Is Juneteenth a paid holiday?

Recently, Virginia and New York passed legislation declaring Juneteenth a paid state holiday (Texas was the first state to do this), but the other 43 states that observe Juneteenth haven’t.

What is the Juneteenth Scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded to brilliant young Black students attending historically Black Colleges or Universities. Scholarships will be announced at the annual Freedom Reception organized during the week of Juneteenth. The goal is to make this a blueprint for Juneteenth celebration across America. CEO/Founder The Juneteenth Foundation Take Action ...

What is the significance of Juneteenth?

Slavery is a dark stain on U.S. history, but Juneteenth is an example that America can move past the transgressions of history in pursuit of a freer society. These are difficult times, and we must find ways to embrace our differences, address underlying issues, and move forward as a country.

Why is Juneteenth Day celebrated?

This is a national strategy to make Juneteenth a federally recognized holiday, which will be celebrated across the entire United States of America because we believe Juneteenth is an American holiday.

What is the Juneteenth Freedom Festival?

The annual Freedom Festival is a weekend long celebration starting with the Freedom Reception and ending with the virtual music concert aimed to crown the celebration of Juneteenth.

What is the significance of Emancipation Day?

The day has become the most prominent Emancipation Day holiday in the United States, and commemorates the moment when emancipation finally reached those in the deepest parts of the former Confederacy on June 19, 1865. It is a holiday meant for celebration, rather than mourning and remembrance.

What is Menzfit?

MenzFit is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) designated organization serving Philadelphia. They combat unemployment and underemployment by providing disadvantaged men with job interview preparation, career development, apparel such as suits, shirts and shoes, and mentorship as they seek and achieve employment to support themselves and their families.

What is Bridges to Wealth?

The mission of Bridges to Wealth (B2W) is to close the wealth gap between white and minority households in Philadelphia. To realize this mission, B2W empowers low-wealth high school students, parents, seniors, and other community members with vital business literacy knowledge and financial life skills. Financial education and opportunity is a social justice issue. B2W has successfully increased wealth generation in underserved Philadelphia communities for the past seven years.

What is Frontline Dads?

The mission of Frontline Dads is to facilitate the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and cultural development of African American men and "at-risk" youth by providing transformative programming that will empower them to assume leadership positions in their families and communities.

What is Philadelphia Auto and Parole?

The mission of Philadelphia Auto and Parole is to provide formerly incarcerated individuals and youth transitioning back into society an opportunity to earn a living wage in courses of automotive repair. Participants will be provided with interactive activities, supervised instruction, and education on automotive repair. This helps program participants develop the necessary skills to make a successful transition back into society.

What is TCRC in prison?

The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC) assists returning citizens in the transition from incarceration to society. TCRC helps individuals, families, and communities deal with the adverse impacts of incarceration via direct services, advocacy, lobbying for change, and organizing in the community.

What is Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region is a donor-supported organization that enriches, encourages, and empowers children to reach their highest potential through safe, one-to-one mentoring relationships. For more than 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region has been positively impacting children and communities in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties in PA and NJ. Nearly 3,700 children annually are more successful socially and academically because of the work of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region.