red cross where to donate blood

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You can donate blood at American Red Cross clinics or other clinics or blood banks. You may be able to donate during blood drives at your workplace. About 1 pint (480 mL) of blood is taken when you donate. It takes about 10 minutes. The whole process—including answering questions and having a short exam—takes up to an hour.

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Where is the best place to donate blood?

Find the nearest Red Cross blood, platelet or plasma donation center. Make a difference in someone's life, give the gift of life.

Where is the best place to give blood?

Give blood by April 18 and get a Red Cross T-shirt, while supplies last. Blood donations are critically important this spring. Give blood by April 18 and get a Red Cross T-shirt *. Make Your Appointment * while supplies last. COVID-19 Antibody Testing On All Donations.

What are the reasons why a person cannot donate blood?

How to Donate. Manage My Donations. Schedule an Appointment. Manage Existing Appointment. Start RapidPass®. View My Donation History. Get Digital Donor Card. Get …

What are some reasons to not donate blood?

The American Red Cross strives to ensure the safety of blood recipients and blood donors. Learn more about the eligibility requirements for blood donors based on donation type. To ensure the safety of both patients and donors, these are some of the requirements donors must meet to be eligible to donate blood based on their donation type.


Does the Red Cross tell you your blood type when you donate?

Donors may be notified of their blood type following their donation when they receive their blood donor card or by creating a profile through the Red Cross Blood Donor App. You must be in good health. Seasonal illnesses like the flu can affect a blood donor's ability to give.Nov 6, 2019

Who Cannot donate blood?

You must be in good health at the time you donate. You cannot donate if you have a cold, flu, sore throat, cold sore, stomach bug or any other infection. If you have recently had a tattoo or body piercing you cannot donate for 6 months from the date of the procedure.

What blood type does Red Cross need?

However, the need for O negative blood is the highest because it is used most often during emergencies. The need for O+ is high because it is the most frequently occurring blood type (37% of the population). The universal red cell donor has Type O negative blood. The universal plasma donor has Type AB blood.

How do I donate blood in Denver?

Saint Joseph Hospital – Denver, CO: For blood donation in Colorado, visit St. Mary's Medical Center – Grant Junction, CO: Visit St. Mary's Regional Blood Center in the Advanced Medicine Pavilion, 750 Wellington Ave., Entrance 22, Second Floor.

What is the rarest blood type?

type ABIn the U.S., the blood type AB, Rh negative is considered the rarest, while O positive is most common.May 18, 2020

What should you not do before giving blood?

Five Things NOT To Do Before Giving BloodDon't eat immediately before donating. ... Don't give blood if you feel sick. ... Don't worry about drinking coffee, tea or any other caffeinated beverages before donating. ... Don't smoke or drink alcoholic beverages before donating. ... Don't stay up too late the night before.Dec 7, 2021

What's the golden blood type?

Rh null blood groupThe golden blood type or Rh null blood group contains no Rh antigens (proteins) on the red blood cells (RBCs). This is the rarest blood group in the world, with less than 50 individuals having this blood group.

Do siblings have same blood type?

No, siblings don't necessarily have the same blood type. It depends on the genotype of both the parents for the gene determining the blood type. E.g. Parents with the genotype AO and BO can have offspring with blood type A, B, AB or O.

What is the best blood type?

There are four ABO types: A, B, AB and O. Is one of the rarest blood types — only 6.6% of the US population has type O- Is a universal donor, meaning anyone can receive type O- blood products Is an ideal whole blood or double red blood cell donor.

Do you get paid for donating blood?

You don't get paid for traditional Red Cross blood donations, since experts worry it would encourage donors to lie about their health, and potentially taint the blood supply, for a paycheck.Apr 30, 2021

Does Red Cross do blood drives in Colorado?

While the American Red Cross of Colorado does not collect blood, the community is encouraged to support self collecting hospitals by donating blood today.Mar 24, 2022

What is blood type O positive?

38% of the population has O positive blood, making it the most common blood type. O positive red blood cells are not universally compatible to all types, but they are compatible to any red blood cells that are positive (A+, B+, O+, AB+).