star trek online how to donate fleet marks to max level fleet

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Find projects with the Contribution button lit up which means you can contribute to it. Then simply click on the Contribute button, choose the amount you wish to contribute and continue. This is pretty straight forward. Quick Notes Fleet Marks are obtained through various missions. These can be contributed to fleet projects.

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How do I earn Fleet Marks?

Feb 12, 2019 · Marks are worthless and everyone immediately donates them for fleet credits given the chance. If you do decide to find a fleet to join, many people will tell you that small fleets are worthless and not to be bothered with because they don't have good gear to buy and may never develop the holdings to gain access to that gear.

What is a fleet in Star Trek Online?

Oct 16, 2015 · You can donate materials worth $100 USD and if they don't feel like promoting you, you don't get promoted, and you don't gain access to fleet gear. They can also temporarily promote you, then demote you whenever they feel like it, such as when a new holding opens and they only want them and their friends to be able to buy the new gear first.

How to increase the tier of holdings of a fleet?

Sep 01, 2017 · If earning fleet marks is a problem, one easy solution is to run Crystalline Catastrophe Advanced. Even without the daily bonus, it will give you over 100 fleet marks per run. Given enough time, you could fill even a large project's fleet mark requirements running the STF every 30 minutes.

What are Fleet Marks in Star Citizen?

You get fleet credits by donating towards the projects that are in the "Holdings" tab. I say "basically" above because a number of things may increase how many fleet credits you get (like bonus pools) but that doesn't count towards your actual fleet contribution. 20,000 is pretty easy though. That is 20,000 dilithium or 400 fleet marks.

How do you give fleet credits in STO?

1:294:01STO - Quick Tips - How To Get Fleet Credits - How To Donate To FleetYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipTo be donated to help contribute to this if I click over here we can see we need civilian officersMoreTo be donated to help contribute to this if I click over here we can see we need civilian officers here. So I could contribute a civilian officer I get to contribute this colonists.

How do I spend fleet marks?

The only usage for fleet marks is to pool them into fleet projects for fleet credits which can give you fleet ships. Dil is better for other uses when you begin to consider fleets (R&D, Zen exchange, etc.Jan 8, 2018

What do I do with Fleet marks STO?

Fleet Marks are spendable through contributing to Fleet Starbase Projects. These are accessed through the Fleet Menu and are listed under Holdings.

Can you transfer fleet credits on Star Trek Online?

You can buy common doffs at the Starbase, open them, send them to your other character and turn them into fleet projects for credits. This is a net loss, but considering there's no other way of transferring them, it may be worthwhile.Apr 20, 2016

What marks should I get STO?

You will need 1225 marks total to complete this task. If someone can get a sponsership token, this doubles the amount of rep experience you get. So, instead of 2500 RXP, its 5000 RXP per daily project. or 625 marks.Jul 9, 2016

How do I use my fleet Dilithium voucher?

Those vouchers can be traded in the Dilithium mine, which is located in the Alpha Quadrant. Speak to the second ferengi in front of the used Environmental Suits. You will get 2500 fleet dilithium for every VIP voucher.Jun 5, 2020

How do I get money on Star Trek Online?

Energy credits are the primary currency in STO. You earn energy credits by completing missions and selling the items that you get via drops from mobs (both ground and space). The various vendors around space stations like Stardock and K7 will sell you moderately good gear in exchange for your energy credits.Jan 23, 2010

How do I make a fleet in Star Trek Online?

Fleet Creation Requirements Once the team leader of a qualifying team selects an available name, the fleet will be created, with the team leader as a Rank 7 "leader" of that fleet, and the other four team members as Rank 1 members.

How do you get fleet marks?

Fleet Marks: These are a new currency that all fleet projects require. They are obtained through the new Season 6 PvE missions, including the Tholian content, Starbase defense missions, “No Win Scenario”, Colony Invasion, etc.Aug 25, 2012

What is a fleet in Star Trek Online?

A fleet in Star Trek Online is a group of up to 500 players that have banded together. Fleets have a standard command structure and management tools commonly found in other MMORPGs for guilds, e.g., a rank system, a fleet bank, a fleet specific chat channel, a calendar, and - most importantly - a Fleet Advancement System with different fleet holdings. Up to 13 fleets of the same faction can also band together to form an Armada to share resources and earn passive bonuses.

What is a fleet bank?

The fleet bank is a universal storage facility for inventory items and credits that is accessible by all members of your fleet who have the proper permissions. Fleet banks are universal; items and Energy Credits placed into any fleet bank will appear in all fleet banks throughout the galaxy and are available for retrieval no matter which fleet bank is visited.

How long is the trial period for Zen?

You can get around the 20 hour trial period on a new account by getting enough Dilithium to trade in for at least 1 - that will give you a Zen balance without having to purchase Zen.

Can you make your own emblem in Star Trek Online?

In Star Trek Online, fleets can also create their own specific emblems and uniforms. These can be previewed and edited (if a member has sufficient permission) in the "Uniform" section of the main fleet window. Members can then visit a tailor and activate their "Fleet uniform" slot. The uniform may then be chosen as a pre-made costume option, whereas the emblem can be displayed as a shoulder patch on a member's character and as a painting on his or her ship.

How to explore the Galaxy?

Explore the Galaxy. You can access the Galaxy by tapping ‘Galaxy’ (Bottom right of the screen) from the main menu. This is where you will see different planets for ships to explore. I highly recommend exploring each and every one of the planets in the Galaxy.

What is tritanium used for?

Tritanium – Used to build ship hulls and bulkheads. Dilithium – Used to build buildings and ships. Also used for Research. Building or upgrading a building takes an amount of time before the building has successfully been built or upgraded.