where to donate plasma in austin

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Plasma Donation Centers Austin Texas

Name Address Phone number Website
CSL Plasma 1800 E Parmer Ln, Austin, TX 78754 737-787-1131 Donate Plasma: Plasma Donation Centers | ...
BioLife plasma services Kyle, TX, United States 1 512-251-8855 Plasma Donation Centers | BioLife Plasma ...
BPL Plasma 2801 Via Fortuna, Suite 400, Austin, Tx ... (512) 582-7525 BPL Plasma
We Are Blood-South Austin Donor Center 3100 W Slaughter Ln, Austin, TX, 78748 (512) 206-1266 (877) 212-1266 We Are Blood: Drawn together since 1951.
Mar 16 2022

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What are the best places to donate plasma?

Your plasma donations are needed more than ever! All center hours are current. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have instituted temperature readings, are practicing social and physical distancing, and have enhanced disinfecting procedures to ensure the safety of our donors and staff. 1800 East Parmer Lane. Austin, TX 78754.

Do I have to eat before donating plasma?

Start donating plasma and help save and improve lives. Find information about the Austin, TX Grifols plasma donation center on Slaughter Lane.

What foods are good for donating plasma?

Find the hours, phone number, and address for the Octapharma Plasma Donation Center in Austin, TX. Donate Plasma. Make Money. Save Lives. Opening Soon!

How painful is it to donate plasma?

Where can I donate plasma for money in Austin? We Are Blood. 1.2 mi. 48 reviews. ... Biomat USA. 2.9 mi. 50 reviews. ... BioLife Plasma Services. 10.4 mi. 119 reviews. ... BPL Plasma. 10.1 mi. Blood & Plasma Donation Centers. ... American Red …


How much can you make donating plasma in Austin?

*Donors can get up to $1,100. Payments and promotions for eligible, qualified donors vary by location and weight. Ask the center manager at your preferred donation location for details.

What donation Center pays the most for plasma?

If we go strictly by the base pay for donations, Biotest Plasma pays the most (up to $365 per month).Aug 13, 2021

How much do you get paid for donating plasma USA?

How much money you make depends on where you're located and how much you weigh. (Typically, the more a donor weighs, the more plasma can be collected and the longer an appointment takes.) But at most donation centers, compensation is around $50 to $75 per appointment. First-time donors sometimes get big bonuses, too.Apr 30, 2021

What conditions do not allow you to donate plasma?

Here are the most common factors that may disqualify you from donating your plasma:Illness. People who have a fever, productive cough, or are feeling generally unwell shouldn't donate. ... Medical conditions. ... Low iron. ... Medications. ... Travel.Sep 22, 2020

Why do they check your elbows when donating plasma?

Because arteries have higher blood pressure than veins, a puncture can lead to bleeding into the arm tissues around the puncture site. The signs of an arterial puncture include a faster blood flow and lighter-than-usual color of blood running through the tubes to the machine collecting your plasma.

Is plasma donation painful?

Does donating plasma hurt? Donating plasma shouldn't hurt. Donating plasma should feel the same as a regular blood donation. You might feel a stinging sensation when the needle is inserted, but after that, the staff will do its best to make sure that you're comfortable throughout the donation process.Nov 24, 2021

How long does it take to give plasma?

Donating plasma takes about 1 hour 15 minutes. This includes some checks before you donate and having a drink and snack after you donate. Watch Albert, a regular plasma donor, explain what happens when you donate.

How much do you have to weigh to donate plasma?

It includes all blood and plasma in collection packs and contained within the machine harness. This is to protect the donor from adverse effects such as fainting and becoming anaemic. There is a minimum legal donor weight of 50kg at which a donation can be accepted.

Is blood or plasma needed more?

There might not be many of you, but your blood is incredibly useful. Both your blood and your plasma are always needed. Why: Only around 8% of Australians have the same type as you (making you pretty special). The plasma in your blood really goes above and beyond.

How do I prepare for plasma donation?

BEFORE YOUR PLASMA DONATION:Drink lots of water before donating on your plasma donation day.Eat a healthy meal within two hours of your visit.Avoid foods high in fat or cholesterol.Don't use tobacco for an hour before donating.Avoid alcohol and caffeine before and on your plasma donation day.More items...

What should you eat before giving plasma?

Before you donate plasmaDrink 6 to 8 cups of water or juice the day before and day of your donation.Eat a protein-rich, iron-rich meal no more than 3 hours before donating. ... Don't eat fatty foods like french fries, potato chips, pizza, or sweets the day you donate.More items...

Can I donate plasma if I take thyroid medication?

Thyroid disease Patients with thyroid disease may not donate if the condition is under investigation or if malignancy is suspected. Anyone on maintenance therapy with levothyroxine must be stabilised for at least three months before donation. An over- or an underactive thyroid increases the risk of heart disease.Jun 1, 2013

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What Should I Bring With Me?

Valid Photo ID (Must be at least 18 years old), Social Security Card & Proof of Address (POA). Secondary POA not necessary if Donor ID has the Donor’s current address. Active military to provide address where they receive mail & their physical address.

How Long Does It Take To Donate Plasma?

Your first visit can take 1 to 2 hours, because it includes a health screening, in-depth questionnaire & medical history questions to make sure you can donate plasma. After that, each visit takes less time – about an hour to an hour and a half.

What To Expect When Donating Plasma?

Donating plasma is similar to giving blood. A trained phlebotomist stays with you throughout the entire donation to ensure your comfort and safety. To help you pass the time, our plasma donation centers are equipped with free Wi-Fi and TVs.

How Much Money Will I Make?

First-Time Donors Earn Bonus Money! Plasma donor rewards & fees may vary month-to-month, or by location. For our current plasma bonuses see our Octapharma Promotions page regularly throughout the year.

How Often Can I Donate Plasma?

You can donate as frequently as 2 times in 7 days, with at least 48 hours between donations. So if you donate on a Monday, you can donate again Wednesday. Drink plenty of water after you donate to help your body replace fluids.

When Do I Come Back For My 2nd Plasma Donation?

We cannot use your first plasma donation until after you make your second donation with us, fortunately however, we still compensate you for your first donation. Don't forget to come back and donate again 2 to 14 days after your first visit.

Why Should I Donate Plasma?

Patients around the world can lead healthier lives because of plasma-based medicines that wouldn’t be possible without donors like you. Make money, while helping create life changing medicines that save lives!